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Bridgegate Lawyers Want To See Christie's Phone

Bridgegate defendants are seeking to have their case dismissed and they want the Christie Administration investigated.

Three Reasons Why You Haven't Seen Christie Standing Behind Trump Recently

Gov. Chris Christie hasn't done a TV news interview or spoken at a Trump rally in a month. What happened to Trump's most prominent endorser?

Ex-Christie Aide, Ousted After Bridgegate, Returns to Help Lt. Governor

Bill Stepien steps up to head group exploring Guandagno's gubernatorial run.

Is Racial Profiling Police Policy in Bloomfield?

Do cops routinely stop black and Latino drivers so they can boost municipal revenue with traffic fines?

Deal Reached on NJ Supreme Court Stalemate

The bipartisan deal brings to an end the long-running standoff over the ideological makeup of the state's highest court.

Atlantic City, Bracing for Takeover, Sees Camden as Cautionary Tale

Christie wants to take over Atlantic City. New Jersey already tried that with Camden. How'd that work out?

Christie Trumpsplains His Candidate's 'Riot'

Christie, in his new role translating Trump to the masses, says Trump wasn't inciting violence. 

Atlantic City Mayor Calls State Takeover Plan a 'Dictatorship'

The Republican Mayor says the state's proposed takeover of Atlantic City's finances violates the civil and constitutional rights of residents, and sets a dangerous precedent.

$13 Million In Bridgegate Fees, With $10 Million for Christie's Lawyers

Bills for a digital forensics firm dating to 2014 were released Friday night.

Questions Swirl Around Deaths of Politically-Prominent Couple

A county prosecutor steps down after coming under criticism for his handling of the criminal probe into the death of John and Joyce Sheridan 18 months ago.

Christie Opposes Democrats' Pension Proposal in Budget Address

In his first public appearance since dropping out the presidential race, the Governor says a Democratic plan to pay for pensions will wreck the New Jersey economy.  

Chris Christie Ends White House Bid

The New Jersey governor ends his campaign after a disappointing finish in New Hampshire.

Chris Christie and New Hampshire: 10 Things That Went Wrong

Bridgegate, Donald Trump and a weak ground game all contributed to Chris Christie's sixth-place finish.

Five Years and Squat for Christie in Iowa

Christie spent 42 days over five years in Iowa, all to finish second-to-last in the Iowa caucuses. 

Wall Street Turns Off the Spigot for Anti-Gay New Jersey Congressman

Rep. Scott Garrett has been a benefactor of the financial industry's largesse. But his views are costing him Wall St. cash, and might imperil his reelection.

Fact checkers keep slamming Christie's campaign trail statements

Tough week for Christie and mistruths.

NJ Psychology Practice Revealed Patients’ Mental Disorders in Debt Lawsuits

Short Hills Associates in Clinical Psychology disclosed the diagnoses and treatments of patients, including minors, in court papers.

Why Northeast Priorities Take a Backseat in Congress

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut lawmakers often have to fight for local needs — even popular ones.

Casinos, Guns & Pension Funds: NJ's Legislative Session Winds Down

NJ lawmakers move to pass a variety of measures to expand gambling to North Jersey and stabilize the state's shaky pension fund as the legislative session winds down.

Christie's Bridgegate Lawyers Engaged in 'Gamesmanship,' Judge Says

Federal Judge Susan Wigenton said taxpayers were promised a transparent investigation and instead got "opacity."