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Blame The Feds: Professor Christie Defends Sandy Aid Distribution

Gov. Chris Christie offered Wednesday a detailed, step-by-step analysis of why Sandy aid has been slow getting to victims -- and why it is largely the federal government's fault, not his.

At a town hall meeting in Berkeley Township in Ocean County on the Jersey Shore, Christie downgraded his assessment ...

A Newark School’s Make-or-Break Year

A principal faces a challenge—turn around a low-performing school in a poor part of the city. If the kids don’t improve, this might be the next neighborhood school to close.

Feds Question Christie's Campaign Manager's Landlord, Attorney Says

Nine days after the smoking gun, "time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee" emails were made public in January, the FBI called Bill Stepien, Gov. Chris Christie's former campaign manager.

New Jersey Breaks Foreclosure Logjam, Yields Flood of Dismissals

With new foreclosure cases continuing to pour into New Jersey courts, administrators have taken a key step to unclog the legal system.

Claiming "Dysfunction," Newark Superintendent Will No Longer Attend School Board Meetings

The state-appointed Newark Schools Superintendent, Cami Anderson, is no longer attending the monthly school board meetings that draw hundreds of parents and community members.

"Traffic Problems" At Newark Airport -- It Eventually Happened

On Thursday morning the New Jersey Legislature committee investigating Bridgegate issued its latest batch of documents: Unredacted emails from Gov. Christie appointee David Wildstein to key figures in the lane-closing scheme. The only real news to come out of the new docs was this exchange from last August, before the ...

Christie Still Backs Port Authority Chair

Despite apparent conflicts, Christie "strongly, firmly" backs Port Authority Chair. 

How Christie Ally Profited From NJ Transit

David Samson's law firm was hired for legal work on plan his transition committee recommended.

Chris Christie Live! Embattled Gov Jokes His Way Through Town Hall

Amidst all the pension talk, a light blows out and Christie tells an adoring crowd it's to make him "look better."

Christie Calls for Pension Reform Now, But Doesn't Say How

During his budget address, the Republican governor called pensions an "entitlement," much to the dismay of New Jersey Democrats.

Cuomo "No Opinion" On Whether Port Chief Should Resign

New York's Governor offers no reaction to calls for resignation of Port Authority Chairman David Samson.

Stop-and-Frisk Rate Higher in Newark than NYC

A new report by the ACLU found that, on average, 91 out of every 1,000 residents in Newark were stopped by police in the second half of 2013. In New York City, that figure was eight o...

Sweeney Reverses Stand on Gun-Control Measure

New Jersey lawmakers are trying once again to reduce the number of bullets a gun magazine can hold - from 15 to 10.

Christie Relations With Press Get Frosty

Maybe it means the scandal-plagued governor is back to his old self. Maybe it means he's cracking under the pressure. Either way, Chris Christie has had a number of dicey encounters over the last week.

Christie Rebuffs Reporters as Questions About his Port Chief Mount

More potential conflicts of interest have surfaced for Port Authority Chairman David Samson.

NJ Muslim Community Upset by Surveillance Ruling

The ruling that it was not unconstitutional for the NYPD to spy on Muslims in New Jersey has some in the Muslim community feeling uncomfortable.

Christie Heckled at Shore Town Hall and Still Wins Over Crowd

Embattled by scandal and blamed for a slow Sandy recovery, Gov. Christie returned to a forum that he has tapped for populist strength during the first years of his governorship: The town hall meeting.

At a VFW hall in Port Monmouth, near the Shore so devastated by Sandy, Christie began ...

Bridgegate Heads To Court

Legislators are trying to force top Christie staffers to disclose what the governor knew about the lane closures, and when.

Snow Piles On the Hardship in Low-Income Neighborhoods

With more than double the snowfall average this winter, those in low-income neighborhoods say the snow and the cold are significantly impacting their lives.

Severe Weather Online

Another snowy week in New Jersey is coming to a close. So we thought we'd check in on some of the local weather news sites in the state - sites that a lot of residents have really come to rely on. Mary Mann with New Jersey News Commons at Montclair ...