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New Bridgegate Emails Hint At Cover-Up

New documents show Christie's former campaign manager was aware of GW lane closures while they were happening, and include a warning for another former aide to delete her social media accounts.

Inauguration raised $660,000 for a Christie Party That Never Was

Here's a list of lobbyists, Sandy contractors and the politically connected who donated to Gov. Chris Christie's inaugural party.

Deductibles, Co-Pays & Costs, Oh My!

It's not just the glitchy federal website. In New Jersey, the Affordable Care Act has left workers struggling over complicated choices.

NJ Demolishes First Sandy Buyout Home

After spending 25 years in their Sayreville, NJ, home, Theresa and Marty Kuczynskis watched as it was reduced to rubble in only 30 minutes.

Christie Heckled At Otherwise Breezy Town Hall

The governor held his fourth town hall meeting since Bridgegate, and for the fourth time he didn’t get a single question about the scandal.

Disgraced Christie Aide Goes Before Court and Cameras

Bridget Ann Kelly, the former Christie aide made famous for her “time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee” email, looked distraught as she watched her attorney argue she should not...

Court Hearing Underway for Two Former Christie Aides

Live coverage of the first major court battle of what could be many in the Bridgegate saga: two former top aides to Gov. Christie are fighting Democratic attempts to subpoena their documents.

Meet Christie's $650-an-Hour Man

Randy Mastro will "fight you to the end," and you certainly don't want to "meet Randy down a dark alley." And that's just what the man leading Gov. Christie's internal review of Bridg...

Symbol of Post-Sandy Hope Shutting Down

Union Beach restaurant Jakeabob's Bay reopened after Hurricane Sandy at a temporary location in a different part of town but business didn't return to pre-Sandy levels.

Christie Zens Out At Spring Training Before Big Bridgegate Week

To ready himself for a huge week in the Bridgegate crisis, Gov. Chris Christie took his two sons on a secret trip to Florida to zen out on some New York Mets spring training baseball.

Dressed casually, Christie hung out with team captain David Wright in the clubhouse. He looked ...

NJ Senator Bombarded with Complaints About Sandy Aid

As Sen. Robert Menendez prepares to chair a hearing in Washington this week on Sandy recovery funds, he's getting an earful from constituents.

Prosecutor Opens Second Inquiry into Christie Ally

Gov. Christie and Gov. Cuomo are standing by David Samson, but now federal prosecutors are looking into his mix of Port Authority leadership and private business.

NJ Officials on Misallocation of Sandy Funds: Incompetence or Politics?

A recent story by WNYC/NJ Spotlight provides further evidence of the need for new legislation requiring more monitoring over the Sandy aid process.

Six Ways the Christie Administration Blocked Reform at the Port Authority

Early in his first term, Gov. Christie promised to shine a light on the authorities and commissions he said were New Jersey's “shadow government." But when it came to the bi-state ag...

Christie's 2016 Comeback Attempt Begins Today

Updated, 12:45 pm

Hey Mr. President, "what the hell are we paying you for?"

That was among the many anti-Obama, strenuously conservative and combative lines that Gov. Chris Christie delivered today during a vital speech for him at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland. Not invited to CPAC last ...

Blame The Feds: Professor Christie Defends Sandy Aid Distribution

Gov. Chris Christie offered Wednesday a detailed, step-by-step analysis of why Sandy aid has been slow getting to victims -- and why it is largely the federal government's fault, not his.

At a town hall meeting in Berkeley Township in Ocean County on the Jersey Shore, Christie downgraded his assessment ...

A Newark School’s Make-or-Break Year

A principal faces a challenge—turn around a low-performing school in a poor part of the city. If the kids don’t improve, this might be the next neighborhood school to close.

Feds Question Christie's Campaign Manager's Landlord, Attorney Says

Nine days after the smoking gun, "time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee" emails were made public in January, the FBI called Bill Stepien, Gov. Chris Christie's former campaign manager.

New Jersey Breaks Foreclosure Logjam, Yields Flood of Dismissals

With new foreclosure cases continuing to pour into New Jersey courts, administrators have taken a key step to unclog the legal system.

Claiming "Dysfunction," Newark Superintendent Will No Longer Attend School Board Meetings

The state-appointed Newark Schools Superintendent, Cami Anderson, is no longer attending the monthly school board meetings that draw hundreds of parents and community members.