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A Bridgegate Legal Primer

Here's what we do know: Last September, local access lanes to the George Washington Bridge were closed with little notice, causing traffic jams, accidents and general chaos in Fort Lee for four days. The lane closures were ordered by Port Authority executive David Wildstein, with the knowledge of Bridget Anne ...

Was Chris Christie's Call for Public Input on Sandy Plan a Sham?

Some environmental groups are angry they didn’t have a say in plans to protect the state from future storms.

17 Months Later, Some Sandy Victims Still Waiting to Go Home

A year and a half after Sandy, more than 900 families remain displaced by the storm.

What Christie Crisis Management Looks Like

Here are six takeaways from how the Christie Administration's lawyers unveiled a report from their internal Bridgegate investigation.

Can Christie Win Big In Vegas?

The "Sheldon Primary" is being held this weekend, and Chris Christie is a contender.

The gov is headed to Las Vegas Saturday, where he will join several Republican presidential candidates for a meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition. But the real action will be around casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who ...

Sandy Victims Question Christie at Latest Town Hall

The governor heard about ongoing flood problems and wrangling with insurance companies, but overall, it was a gentler crowd than he's seen of late.

5 Things To Think About As Christie Investigates Christie

Christie's office is expected to release an internal review of the scandals enveloping his administration, particularly Bridgegate. Here's a primer on things to consider when the repo...

A Year Later...Just Five Sandy Recovery Projects Get Oversight

Angry Sandy victims still can’t return to their damaged homes because the recovery projects aren’t getting oversight. In fact, only five programs even have a monitor. But this hasn’t ...

Obama Signs Bill to Hold Down Flood Insurance Premiums

Opponents say the law requires taxpayers to subsidize those who choose to live in risky areas

Christie Finally Asked Bridgegate Question

It took five town hall meetings, but New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was finally asked his first question about Bridgegate.

Attorney in New Jersey Presses Inquiry on Christie Ally

The investigation is looking into whether Port Authority Chief David Samson broke any laws when he approved two major bridge contracts.

New Bridgegate Emails Hint At Cover-Up

New documents show Christie's former campaign manager was aware of GW lane closures while they were happening, and include a warning for another former aide to delete her social media accounts.

Inauguration raised $660,000 for a Christie Party That Never Was

Here's a list of lobbyists, Sandy contractors and the politically connected who donated to Gov. Chris Christie's inaugural party.

Deductibles, Co-Pays & Costs, Oh My!

It's not just the glitchy federal website. In New Jersey, the Affordable Care Act has left workers struggling over complicated choices.

NJ Demolishes First Sandy Buyout Home

After spending 25 years in their Sayreville, NJ, home, Theresa and Marty Kuczynskis watched as it was reduced to rubble in only 30 minutes.

Christie Heckled At Otherwise Breezy Town Hall

The governor held his fourth town hall meeting since Bridgegate, and for the fourth time he didn’t get a single question about the scandal.

Disgraced Christie Aide Goes Before Court and Cameras

Bridget Ann Kelly, the former Christie aide made famous for her “time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee” email, looked distraught as she watched her attorney argue she should not...

Court Hearing Underway for Two Former Christie Aides

Live coverage of the first major court battle of what could be many in the Bridgegate saga: two former top aides to Gov. Christie are fighting Democratic attempts to subpoena their documents.

Meet Christie's $650-an-Hour Man

Randy Mastro will "fight you to the end," and you certainly don't want to "meet Randy down a dark alley." And that's just what the man leading Gov. Christie's internal review of Bridg...

Symbol of Post-Sandy Hope Shutting Down

Union Beach restaurant Jakeabob's Bay reopened after Hurricane Sandy at a temporary location in a different part of town but business didn't return to pre-Sandy levels.