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Bridgegate Investigators To Samson: Time's Up

Legislative investigators have sent a letter to former Port Authority Chairman David Samson, who resigned amid investigations over his role in Bridgegate and his business practices, mandating that he turn over documents that were requested more than three months ago.

Assemblyman John Wisniewski, the Democrat who co-chairs the Legislature's investigative ...

Christie vs. Colorado

Chris Christie has picked yet another fight. This time, with the state of Colorado. The response from the Rockies was initially mild. Then it got ugly.

In recent weeks Christie has fielded an inordinate number of questions about the legalization of marijuana. He is, as always, unequivocal in his opposition, ...

Shore Homeowners Have No Place to Stay While Rebuilding from Sandy

A growing number of Jersey Shore residents are looking for a place to call home while their storm-damaged houses are being rebuilt or repaired.

Embattled Ethics Commission Confirms Samson Probe Underway

In an unusually stormy meeting, the embattled state Ethics Commission placated protesters by confirming that it is investigating former Port Authority Chairman David Samson. It also confirmed that the commission is dropping a five-year-old ethics complaint against a state union leader.

For Ethics Commission Chairman Andrew Berns, the media scrutiny ...

Christie Warns of Crisis — Economic, Not Political

Christie talks in DC, but not many Democrats were around to hear the message.

Neighbors Watched Firefighters Call Out for Ambulance in Deadly Fire

Neighbors say they watched firefighters try to resuscitate two 4-year-old siblings as they waited for an ambulance that was dispatched late.

Hoboken Mayor Calls Christie a Bully, Releases More Journal Entries

The New Jersey Legislature issued four more subpoenas in its investigation into the lane closings of the George Washington Bridge.

Meet Christie's New Ombudsman

As part of the internal review into the scandals whirling around New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, lawyers recommended the governor hire an ombudsman. On Friday, Christie announced that he appointed Patrick Hobbs for the position.

Age: 54

Hometown: Basking Ridge

Party: Democrat

Experience: Seton Hall Law School Dean and chair ...

Chris Christie vs. NJ's Supreme Court

Gov. Chris Christie said he'd remake the courts — and he has been. Will he continue that streak in June?

New Jersey Moms Scramble for Medical Pot

Delays in New Jersey's medical marijuana program have desperate parents importing it from other states, and making their own concoctions for young and disabled children.

Christie and McGreevey: Unlikely Gubernatorial BFFs

Once upon a time, the U.S. Attorney in Newark was investigating the governor in Trenton for corruption. Today, that U.S. Attorney, Chris Christie, is now a governor under investigation himself by a different U.S. Attorney, and he has formed an unlikely friendship with Jim McGreevey, the former governor he once ...

Backed by Dems, Christie Pushes For Property Tax Relief

Some warn if the cap isn't renewed, services will be cut.

The Quiet Rise of Bob Menendez

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez has quickly become one of the most prominent Democrats on Capitol Hill. The two-term Senator became chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee last year after an unusual wave of turnover among top Democrats.  That has put Menendez in a high-profile position with crises in ...

In Rare Move, Christie Blocks Pinelands Pay Raise

The governor vetoes the Pinelands Commission meeting minutes and environmentalists cry foul.

Playing Ball With Chris Christie

On May 13, 2013, Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno had a now notorious chat with the mayor of Hoboken, Dawn Zimmer, in the parking lot of a Sandy-damaged ShopRite.

Zimmer remembers Guadagno threatening her: If she didn’t approve a development project run by the Rockefeller Group, which was represented by Bridgegate-embroiled ...

Judge To Dems: No Bridgegate Docs For You

In a victory for both Gov. Chris Christie and his former aides, a New Jersey judge has ruled that two key figures in the Bridgegate scandal do not have to turn over documents to a state legislative panel.

The 98-page ruling says Bridget Kelly, the former deputy chief of ...

Where in the World Is Sen. Cory Booker?

When he was Newark's mayor, Cory Booker was everywhere - magazine spreads, cable news, and even a TV series. But since his election to the Senate, he's been conspicuously silent.

A Bridgegate Legal Primer

Here's what we do know: Last September, local access lanes to the George Washington Bridge were closed with little notice, causing traffic jams, accidents and general chaos in Fort Lee for four days. The lane closures were ordered by Port Authority executive David Wildstein, with the knowledge of Bridget Anne ...

Was Chris Christie's Call for Public Input on Sandy Plan a Sham?

Some environmental groups are angry they didn’t have a say in plans to protect the state from future storms.

17 Months Later, Some Sandy Victims Still Waiting to Go Home

A year and a half after Sandy, more than 900 families remain displaced by the storm.