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Christie's Blurred Lines

A 24-year-old former mid-level staffer for Gov. Christie's government office — and later, Christie's re-election campaign — withstood more than five hours of questioning Tuesday at a Bridgegate hearing that shed light on the Christie political operation at the Statehouse.

But the hearing didn't tell us is who was responsible ...

Christie Talks Foreign Policy At Adelson Gala

The governor addressed a Jewish awards gala co-hosted by Republican billionaire Sheldon Adelson.

Chris Christie's Immigration Story

At his only commencement speech of the season Christie told a hushed audience a 16-minute story about the immigration experience of his grandmother.

Whatever Happened to Mark Zuckerberg $100 Million Gift to Newark's Schools?

In 2010, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg donated $100 million to Newark's troubled school district, and then-Mayor Cory Booker promised to change the face of urban school reform. 

Bridgegate Now Has A Spaceship

Bridgegate is not just a traffic jam -- it is a scandal that touches on just about every mode of transportation mankind has so far developed. And now we have spaceships. A recap:

Cars: The Sept. 9-13, 2013, double-lane closures in the town of Fort Lee, NJ, to the George Washington ...

Why Didn't Team Christie Hear The Bridgegate Alarms?

Today's marathon (seven hour!) testimony from a calm, respectful Michael Drewniak, the governor's colorfully-spoken spokesman (and unofficial liaison between the Port Authority and the governor's office), focused not on the Big Bridgegate Questions (who did this, and why?), but rather on a secondary question: Was there a cover-up? 

Drewniak's testimony, ...

Newark Votes 2014: City Residents Head to Polls in First Post-Booker Election

Voters are casting ballots to replace interim mayor Luis Quintana who took over when Cory Booker was elected to the US Senate.

NJ Flood Zone Building Rules Conflict with FEMA

State construction rules don't comply with federal regulations, and that may cause more problems for people whose homes were damaged by Sandy.

Governors Name a Panel of Insiders to 'Reform' Port Authority

Not on the committee: anyone from academia, a think tank, a watchdog group or with a transportation background.

What We Learned at First Bridgegate Testimony

In the first Bridgegate testimony from anyone in Gov. Chris Christie's administration, we heard from Christina Renna, a former Christie staffer, for five hours on Tuesday. Renna worked as a supervisor in the Intergovernmental Affairs unit of the governor's office, directly under Bridget Kelly, who wrote the "time for some ...

What Won't You Find In Bridgegate Documents? Christie's Emails and Texts

Just one email.

The internal review of the office of Gov. Chris Christie in the wake of the Bridgegate and Sandy funding scandals yielded 4,612 pages —that included summaries of interviews with 75 people, plus dozens of emails and text messages from top Christie staffers. But the only shred of ...

The Battle for the Palisades

A public hearing on a rezoning plan could influence the future of development on the Jersey side of the Hudson.

Republicans On Bridgegate Panel Are Getting Angrier and Angrier

The Republicans on the New Jersey Legislature's Bridgegate committee are getting angry.

"The committee's leadership and operations have demonstrated that the committee's purpose turned from an inquiry into the clearly flawed inner-workings of the Port Authority, into a political vehicle designed to damage the governor's standing and popularity," the Republicans ...

Bridgegate Investigators To Samson: Time's Up

Legislative investigators have sent a letter to former Port Authority Chairman David Samson, who resigned amid investigations over his role in Bridgegate and his business practices, mandating that he turn over documents that were requested more than three months ago.

Assemblyman John Wisniewski, the Democrat who co-chairs the Legislature's investigative ...

Christie vs. Colorado

Chris Christie has picked yet another fight. This time, with the state of Colorado. The response from the Rockies was initially mild. Then it got ugly.

In recent weeks Christie has fielded an inordinate number of questions about the legalization of marijuana. He is, as always, unequivocal in his opposition, ...

Shore Homeowners Have No Place to Stay While Rebuilding from Sandy

A growing number of Jersey Shore residents are looking for a place to call home while their storm-damaged houses are being rebuilt or repaired.

Embattled Ethics Commission Confirms Samson Probe Underway

In an unusually stormy meeting, the embattled state Ethics Commission placated protesters by confirming that it is investigating former Port Authority Chairman David Samson. It also confirmed that the commission is dropping a five-year-old ethics complaint against a state union leader.

For Ethics Commission Chairman Andrew Berns, the media scrutiny ...

Christie Warns of Crisis — Economic, Not Political

Christie talks in DC, but not many Democrats were around to hear the message.

Neighbors Watched Firefighters Call Out for Ambulance in Deadly Fire

Neighbors say they watched firefighters try to resuscitate two 4-year-old siblings as they waited for an ambulance that was dispatched late.

Hoboken Mayor Calls Christie a Bully, Releases More Journal Entries

The New Jersey Legislature issued four more subpoenas in its investigation into the lane closings of the George Washington Bridge.