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Good Cop, Bad Cop: How Infighting is Costing NJ Taxpayers

Police officers across the state are suing fellow cops and departments over everything from sexual harassment to being sent home for wearing the wrong shoes — and residents are foot...

With Budget Showdown Looming, Christie Takes on 2016

Despite Bridgegate and a budget crisis, Christie is pressing ahead with 2016 preparations.

A Tale of Two Heroin Arrests

Paterson, NJ, was the place to go for affluent suburbanites looking to buy heroin. Then the undercover cops swept in. Hear how it all played out.

Businesses Flee to New Jersey with Promises of Tax Breaks

New Jersey has doled out more than $4 billion in tax breaks to businesses over the past four years to boost economic activity.

Medicare Taken for a Ride by Ambulance Companies in New Jersey

A ProPublica analysis has found that the Garden State costs Medicare more than any other state for ambulance rides per kidney dialysis patient.

Bridgegate's Legal Bills Are $4.4 Million, And Counting

The Bridgegate legal bills are just starting to come in, totaling $4.4 million so far. But that number is going to increase exponentially -- that's because 43 people are getting their legal fees paid for by the public, and we have yet to see hardly any of those bills. Here's ...

4 Reasons To Be Frustrated By Democracy In New Jersey

1) None Of The Above did well in last week's election.

The Republican candidate for U.S. Senate -- one of only three statewide elected positions in New Jersey -- last ran for public office 36 years ago. He hadn't even lived in the state until he moved back in a ...

Christie Staffer to Testify on Bridgegate — And Then, Perhaps, Become Attorney General

Is Christie acting as if the last five months were just a bad dream?

Christie's Meh Job Approval At Home Consistent With 2016 GOP Rivals

A new poll out from Fairleigh Dickinson University indicates that Gov. Christie's approval rating among New Jerseyans is 44 percent, a steep drop from the plus-50 percent approval ratings he enjoyed in his first term on the way to a landslide reelection victory. And an increasing number of New ...

Port Authority -- Or Politburo?

Both Democrats and Republicans seemed dumbfounded by the lack of oversight exercised by at least one member of the Port Authority's board of commissioners.

Hoboken Mayor Zimmer and Her Big Sandy Check

A pot of federal Sandy funds that Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer famously alleged to be part of an illegal Gov. Christie shakedown scheme will come to the city after all.

At an event Monday in Little Ferry, notable for Zimmer's absence from the stage and Christie's refusal to take questions, ...

Your Guide to the NJ Primaries

The New Jersey primary features a cakewalk for Cory Booker and a few hotly contested open seats for Congress. 

Bronx Leader Mourns Death of Entrepreneur, Philanthropist Lewis Katz in Plane Crash

Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. called Katz a friend and mentor to young people in the Bronx.

8 Heart Attacks Later, N.J. Man Gets Health Insurance

New Jersey is allowing more people to qualify for Medicaid health coverage, and that is raising questions about the cost, capacity and care.

A 40-Year Tradition, One Sunset at a Time

Martin Hume, 93, wanted to honor two friends who died in Word War II. So the veteran started a flag ceremony that takes place every evening of the summer season.

Is the Jersey Shore Ready for Summer?

The first summer after Sandy was tough for many beach towns. As the second begins, the recovery in many places is just getting underway.

How Widespread Is Pay-to-Play in NJ?

An investigation by the website Pando Daily shows possible widespread violations of state and federal pay-to-play laws in New Jersey.

NJ Budget's 'Day of Reckoning' Has Arrived

Chris Christie is hardly the first governor to raid the state's pension fund to plug holes in the budget. But it may be the end of the line for budgeting gimmicks.

Slashing Pension Funding, Christie Abandons Signature Achievement

Facing yet another budget shortfall, New Jersey's governor is cutting pension payments by $2.4 billion, triggering a major confrontation with the Democratic Legislature and the public employee unions.

Christie's Blurred Lines

A 24-year-old former mid-level staffer for Gov. Christie's government office — and later, Christie's re-election campaign — withstood more than five hours of questioning Tuesday at a Bridgegate hearing that shed light on the Christie political operation at the Statehouse.

But the hearing didn't tell us is who was responsible ...