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Newark Mayor Now Needs to Make Nice With Christie, Booker

The self-proclaimed “radical” new mayor has been critical of his predecessor — now a U.S. Senator — and of New Jersey's governor. But now that he’s in office, he'll need their help.

Does the Affordable Care Act Mean the End of NJ's Health Centers?

 If more people have access to doctors and providers, why can't Newark's largest clinic keep its doors open?

Christie Courts Iowans, Who Swoon

The courtship began at a restaurant called MJ's in downtown Marion, Iowa. How well did it go? Let's just say Gov. Chris Christie and Iowa will most definitely have a second date.

The restaurant was packed with Republican activists (and void of actual diners) who greeted Christie with huge applause, handshakes ...

Bridgegate Committee Can't Call Any More Major Witnesses

Could this spell the end of the state legislative committee investigating Bridgegate?

Chris Christie and America's Poorest City

When the going gets tough, the governor goes to Camden. Matt Katz finds out why.

Sandy Czar, We Hardly Knew Ye

The czar in charge of New Jersey's Sandy recovery is resigning in the very same manner in which he ran some 50 programs dispensing federal storm aid: Quietly.

Marc Ferzan's tenure as Gov. Christie's point person for Sandy began in 2012 when the governor still enjoyed bipartisan popularity for the ...

Is Sandy Debris in NJ Landfill Poisoning Town?

Environmentalists say it's what can happen when regulations aren’t strict enough. State officials call it an isolated case 'gone wrong.'

Christie: Neither Gun Lobby Nor Sandy Hook Families Prompted My Veto

Gov. Chris Christie said Monday that neither lobbying from gun rights advocates nor visits from parents of children killed in the 2012 Connecticut school shooting affected his decision to veto a major gun control bill last week.

The bill would have limited the size of ammunition magazines from 15 to 10. In ...

Will Atlantic City's 'Historical Baggage' Hurt Its Future?

The long holiday weekend is upon us, and for many, that means a long weekend spent at area beaches. But one place people are increasingly not going is Atlantic City.

Governors Cuomo, Christie Issue Thin Report on Port Authority Reform

The governors of New York and New Jersey released a preliminary report detailing fixes for the besieged Port Authority. But it mostly restates problems already extensively aired in the wake of Bridgegate.

Hounded By Protesters, Gov Still Finds Love

Fresh off signing a budget that vetoed tax hikes on millionaires and reduced a public worker pension payment, Gov. Christie was followed by protesters wherever he went Tuesday. 

Guns, Gays & Bridgegate: Christie's Dicey Road to NH

The governor was not subtle about his 2016 political plans as he glad-handed his way through the early primary state. But issues that have been a problem for him in blue New Jersey co...

NJ Judge Rules in Favor of Christie's Pension Plan

A New Jersey judge has ruled that Gov. Chris Christie can follow through with his plan to reduce the state's contributions to public workers' pension funds.

Why Inmates Can't Afford to Make Calls from Jails in New Jersey

Jail inmates in New Jersey pay almost 8 times as much for phone calls home than those in New York. We find out why. 

Logs Show Christie Aides and Port Authority Talked - A Lot

Gov. Christie’s former top man at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, David Samson, was in frequent contact with top aides at the statehouse during the week lanes were shut...

Christie Campaigns in New Hampshire 598 Days Before the Presidential Primary

Gov. Chris Christie bounded into T-Bones restaurant in Bedford, NH, at suppertime on Friday. He held hands with a 102-year-old woman, signed some baseballs and took a bunch of cellphone selfies.

Technically he was there to campaign for Walt Havenstein, a New Hampshire gubernatorial candidate. But in reality, at least ...

Good Cop, Bad Cop: How Infighting is Costing NJ Taxpayers

Police officers across the state are suing fellow cops and departments over everything from sexual harassment to being sent home for wearing the wrong shoes — and residents are foot...

With Budget Showdown Looming, Christie Takes on 2016

Despite Bridgegate and a budget crisis, Christie is pressing ahead with 2016 preparations.

A Tale of Two Heroin Arrests

Paterson, NJ, was the place to go for affluent suburbanites looking to buy heroin. Then the undercover cops swept in. Hear how it all played out.

Businesses Flee to New Jersey with Promises of Tax Breaks

New Jersey has doled out more than $4 billion in tax breaks to businesses over the past four years to boost economic activity.