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Christie's Vacation Vetoes

Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a wide range of bills on Friday...or at least he announced the vetoes at that time. 

At 4:24 pm on Friday, while Christie was vacationing in California with his family -- taking in an Angels' game and touring the Reagan Library -- his press office announced that he vetoed various controversial bills. ...

NJ Accelerates Distribution of Sandy Aid

More than a year-and-a-half after Sandy, the state of New Jersey has distributed just about a third of the original batch of $1.8 billion dollars in federal aid.

Chasing Guadagno, the Woman Who Could Be Christie

Guadagno has been an elusive presence to the press, for her more than four years as the state's lieutenant governor.

New Jersey Assembly Snubs Christie

The Democratic Assembly flexed its muscle Thursday, opting to leave the Statehouse instead of voting on a bail reform package that Gov. Chris Christie called them back from summer vacation to vote on.

Christie wants a constitutional amendment put on the ballot in November's election to allow voters to decide whether ...

Christie To Legislators: Get Off The Beach, Let's Reform Bail

Gov. Chris Christie is calling the New Jersey Legislature back from summer vacation today to vote on an overhaul of the state's bail system.

Christie is pushing two measures for a vote this afternoon: The first would put a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot in November, allowing voters to decide whether judges ...

What Happens When a School District Gives Teens Laptops

School officials at one Hoboken school thought it was a no-brainer to give every student a laptop. Now they've decided it was a terrible idea.

NJ Mayors Team Up to Combat City Issues

The mayors of Newark, Jersey City, and Paterson, New Jersey have announced a joint initiative to address violent crime and other public safety issues in their cities.

How Astorino Angered Christie and Lost Millions

Gov. Chris Christie found himself embroiled in a mini-controversy last week with a fellow Republican, New York gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino, after Christie said that the Repub...

Young Black Schoolchildren Discriminated Against in Newark, Parents Say

Parents and school groups in Newark are hoping a federal investigation into the city's school reorganization plan will spur change in the school district, sooner rather than later.

Feds Investigating Whether 'One Newark' Schools Initiative is Discriminatory

The U.S. Department of Education confirmed that it has opened a civil rights investigation into the controversial plan launched by state-appointed Superintendent Cami Anderson to dete...

Christie May Cut Pension Benefits for Younger Workers

But workers are protesting the possible cuts.

Court Decisions on Health Care Law Could Ripple in NJ

The Garden State is among states that declined to create an exchange, forcing the federal government to do it, and exposing it to court actions against Obamacare.

Does the Affordable Care Act Mean the End of NJ's Health Centers?

 If more people have access to doctors and providers, why can't Newark's largest clinic keep its doors open?

Newark Mayor Now Needs to Make Nice With Christie, Booker

The self-proclaimed “radical” new mayor has been critical of his predecessor — now a U.S. Senator — and of New Jersey's governor. But now that he’s in office, he'll need their help.

Christie Courts Iowans, Who Swoon

The courtship began at a restaurant called MJ's in downtown Marion, Iowa. How well did it go? Let's just say Gov. Chris Christie and Iowa will most definitely have a second date.

The restaurant was packed with Republican activists (and void of actual diners) who greeted Christie with huge applause, handshakes ...

Bridgegate Committee Can't Call Any More Major Witnesses

Could this spell the end of the state legislative committee investigating Bridgegate?

Chris Christie and America's Poorest City

When the going gets tough, the governor goes to Camden. Matt Katz finds out why.

Sandy Czar, We Hardly Knew Ye

The czar in charge of New Jersey's Sandy recovery is resigning in the very same manner in which he ran some 50 programs dispensing federal storm aid: Quietly.

Marc Ferzan's tenure as Gov. Christie's point person for Sandy began in 2012 when the governor still enjoyed bipartisan popularity for the ...

Is Sandy Debris in NJ Landfill Poisoning Town?

Environmentalists say it's what can happen when regulations aren’t strict enough. State officials call it an isolated case 'gone wrong.'

Christie: Neither Gun Lobby Nor Sandy Hook Families Prompted My Veto

Gov. Chris Christie said Monday that neither lobbying from gun rights advocates nor visits from parents of children killed in the 2012 Connecticut school shooting affected his decision to veto a major gun control bill last week.

The bill would have limited the size of ammunition magazines from 15 to 10. In ...