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Christie Tries To Save Atlantic City

Christie came to Atlantic City to save it, but said nothing about how he's going to do just that.

Taking A Tour of The 10 Oldest Bridges in New Jersey

New Jersey has exactly 100 bridges built before 1900. And if you're willing to put up with a little traffic, you can drive over one bridge that's more than 200 years old.

Construction Trade Group Sues Jersey City

A construction trade and advocacy group says Jersey City's policy of using unionized contractors discriminates against non-union builders.

Rinse and Repeat? No Easy Fix to Chronic Flooding

Some homes in New Jersey have flooded dozens of times, costing the national flood insurance program millions of dollars.

Christie Va A México

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie heads to Mexico to talk trade.

Atlantic City Loses Thousands Of Jobs as Casinos Close En Masse

Boardwalk behemoths are emptying out in Atlantic City in quick succession.

Are NJ's New, Riskier, 'Alternative Investments' a Good Idea?

New Jersey is putting more pension money into private companies, real estate and hedge funds.

Phone Company Won't Say if It Will Turn Over Christie Text

AT&T is sidestepping inquiries on whether it will furnish records of a deleted text to Gov. Chris Christie about Bridgegate.

Manhattan DA Targets Dock Deal by Port Authority

The Manhattan D.A. wants to know the story behind how a local docks company reached a $25 million deal with the Port Authority, and why the agency failed to inform the public.

With No Bus System, Some NJ Parents Don't Know How Kids Will Get to Class

The chair of the NJ Senate's Education Committee says she's concerned about the roll-out of Newark's school reform program, and that the state is monitoring the situation.

Inside Chris Christie's Permanent Campaign

The Chris Christie presidential campaign, which could begin early next year, can be traced way back to the very beginning of the New Jersey governor's first term in office. 

Christie On Ferguson: Don't Generalize About Cops

After the shooting in Ferguson and reported civil rights abuses by the Newark Police, we asked Gov. Christie if there's a problem with how police deal with young black men.

To Improve Access to Newark's Best Schools, District Pushes Choice

Newark schools try out a new method to make school choice more fair but problems are already cropping up.

Christie Still Holds Press Conferences -- But They're Usually Not In NJ

The biggest change in the second term for a post-Bridgegate, pre-2016 Gov. Chris Christie? Press conferences, once lengthy and frequent Trenton affairs, are now least in New Jersey.

Christie has spent all or part of 68 days out of state since he was sworn into a second term in January, ...

Christie's Vacation Vetoes

Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a wide range of bills on Friday...or at least he announced the vetoes at that time. 

At 4:24 pm on Friday, while Christie was vacationing in California with his family -- taking in an Angels' game and touring the Reagan Library -- his press office announced that he vetoed various controversial bills. ...

NJ Accelerates Distribution of Sandy Aid

More than a year-and-a-half after Sandy, the state of New Jersey has distributed just about a third of the original batch of $1.8 billion dollars in federal aid.

Chasing Guadagno, the Woman Who Could Be Christie

Guadagno has been an elusive presence to the press, for her more than four years as the state's lieutenant governor.

New Jersey Assembly Snubs Christie

The Democratic Assembly flexed its muscle Thursday, opting to leave the Statehouse instead of voting on a bail reform package that Gov. Chris Christie called them back from summer vacation to vote on.

Christie wants a constitutional amendment put on the ballot in November's election to allow voters to decide whether ...

Christie To Legislators: Get Off The Beach, Let's Reform Bail

Gov. Chris Christie is calling the New Jersey Legislature back from summer vacation today to vote on an overhaul of the state's bail system.

Christie is pushing two measures for a vote this afternoon: The first would put a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot in November, allowing voters to decide whether judges ...