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New Bridgegate Subpoenas Probe Christie Chopper

18 new subpoenas from the special New Jersey legislative committee investigating Chris Christie's involvement in lane closures at the George Washington Bridge include one to the state police aviation unit, which indicates Democrats are examining the governor's helicopter rides.

Top 10 New Jersey Towns Receiving Flood Insurance Payouts Since 1978

FEMA has distributed $5.4 billion in the state in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Botched Process Denied NJ Residents Millions in Sandy Relief

Three-quarters of all those who appealed denial of federal Sandy aid from two popular housing assistance programs administered by the state of New Jersey wound up winning their appeals, raising new questions about the distribution of the funds.

Christie Escapes NJ, But Finds Little Love in TX

His relevance for 2016 may be in doubt, but with 36 governors races on this year's ballots, Chris Christie matters very much in 2014.  As chair of the Republican Governors Association, Christie leads the group charged with raising money for the GOP's gubernatorial candidates and getting them elected to office.


On the Waterfront: Bribery, Extortion and Corruption in Hoboken

A 40-story apartment complex in exchange for Sandy aid? That's the way they roll in this New Jersey city.

Christie Grants Eminent Domain, Doesn't Realize It

The governor claimed on a radio show Monday night he didn't know anything about granting extraordinary eminent domain powers to a new higher education board in South Jersey. But Christie himself signed the bill into law less than three weeks ago.

Will Christie Leave Another Pile of Federal Cash on the Table?

The governor has 2 weeks to spend millions in Affordable Care Act funds or it returns to Washington.

Port Board To Distance Itself from Christie Ally

As it takes steps to get its own house in order amid the Bridgegate scandal, the Port Authority will form a committee to take on what one official calls the "political bureaucracy" — and to investigate Chairman David Samson.

Bridgegate Subpoenas: Only 4 of 20 Respond

Responses to just four of the 20 subpoenas issued in the Bridgegate scandal have been provided to the special investigative committee in the New Jersey Legislature, WNYC has learned. The documents were due Monday.

Those complying are all current or former Port Authority officials: Philippe Danielides, aide to the authority ...

Christie Pledges to Comply with a Subpoena as Ex-Aide Invokes the Fifth

The governor said in a radio interview on Monday evening that his office would cooperate with the U.S. Attorney investigating his administration.

NJ Storm Czar: Transparency, Yes, but not "Too Much Information"

The Christie administration is coming under increased scrutiny on a number of fronts for how it’s been handling New Jersey’s recovery from Sandy.

Ten Sandy Contractors Give to GOP Group Headed by Christie

The national Republican group that Gov. Christie chairs -- and that helped to elect him governor twice -- collected donations last year from at least 10 companies hired by New Jersey for Sandy relief, WNYC has learned. 

A review of IRS documents released late Friday indicate that the companies, which ...

Christie's Super Bowl Weekend Turned into a Public Ordeal

It was a tough weekend for Chris Christie. On Friday, David Wildstein, the man at the center of the George Washington Bridge scandal, alleged that evidence exists the governor had knowledge of the closures when they were happening.  Christie was in the spotlight several times during the Super Bowl weekend ...

Yep, it's Snowing Again. Here's What You Need to Know

So much for that balmy weekend weather. Expect eight inches of snow in the New York-area today, and commuter problems that are already piling up. We have all you need to know right here, including information on school closures and transit.

Fuzzy Math: How Christie Divvied Up Sandy Aid

Jersey City — the state’s second largest city — was awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars less than Newark and Elizabeth, cities of comparable size and storm damage.

Super Commuters: Nearly a Third of Super Bowl Attendees Took NJ Transit

More than 28,000 football fans took New Jersey Transit to the Meadowlands for the Super Bowl between the Denver Broncos and Seattle’s Seahawks—and over 33,000 took the return trip.

American Dream Not Realized In Time For Super Bowl

As thousands flock to MetLife Stadium this weekend, the vision of a huge money-making entertainment  complex next door has turned into a mirage.

Ex-Port Authority Official Says Christie Knew of Lane Closures

A letter from David Wildstein's attorney says the Governor was aware of the closures in September when they happened.

Christie Advisers Suggested David Samson Be Forced Out

As controversy swirls around Port Authority Chairman David Samson, WNYC has learned that some of Gov. Chris Christie’s closest advisers urged him to oust Samson when the Bridgegate scandal broke.

Port Authority Board to Examine Conflicts of Interest

The Port Authority's Board of Commissioners will be examining "all the facts and circumstances" surrounding the burgeoning bridgegate scandal, including whether the Board's Chair, David Samson, had conflicts of interest when he voted to approve a new PATH station near Harrison, two sources familiar with the board's thinking have told ...