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Why Do We Keep Getting Disaster Recovery Wrong?

Two years after Sandy and nearly a decade after Katrina, a look at how we screwed up and what we have learned.

Bucking National Trend, GOP Districts in NJ Might Go Blue

Forecasters are predicting gains for Republicans in both the House and the Senate. But in New Jersey, Democratic candidates are making a strong challenge for two open GOP seats.

Chris Christie's Quarantine Quagmire Is Over (for now)

After a weekend of confusion and mixed signals, the quarantined nurse is sent home.

Christie Says GOP Must Control "Voting Mechanisms" Ahead of 2016

Gov. Christie made the comments during a keynote address to a US Chamber of Commerce Group.

'No Indication' of Ebola in Newark Hospital Patient

A passenger who flew in to Newark Liberty International Airport Tuesday from Liberia via Brussels had been taken in for evaluation.  

What Sayreville Football Players Say They Saw

Members of the scandal-ridden team say hazing rituals included punching and groping, but some have dialed back their initial testimony indicating sexual assault.

What Has Christie Done Lately For New Jersey Republicans?

For the first time since January, Governor Chris Christie publicly campaigned for a Republican in New Jersey.

Chris Christie's Millions

Where does Christie get the money to travel the country campaigning for gubernatorial candidates? And how does he spend it?

Christie and Clinton Just Began Their 2016 Fight For Pennsylvania

Christie versus Clinton in Pennsylvania: It's not October 2016; it's right now.

Details Emerge in Sayreville Football Harassment Scandal

There was an alleged locker room ritual among the Sayreville War Memorial High School football players that involved picking up a freshman player and inserting a finger into his rectum. 

Ras Baraka's 100 Days: Less Crime, but Long Road Ahead for Newark

There have been 30 homicides since Ras Baraka took office. That's nine fewer than over the same period last year. What the mayor has accomplished, and his challenges ahead. 

The Sandy Aid Is There. Why Not Spend It?

Nearly two years after the historic hurricane hit, a look at what’s holding up the money.

Christie's Surprise Iowa Campaign Stop

Chris Christie made a stealthy stop in Iowa, expanding his role beyond campaigning for governors.

After Arrestees Die in Custody, Little Transparency

Kenwin Garcia, 25, died in police custody on July 15, 2008. His death and the details surrounding it have prompted questions about how arrest-related deaths are investigated

Shootings, Murders Down in Newark, Thefts on the Rise

Nine fewer people have been killed in the past three months compared to the same time last year, according to the Newark police director. 

Not Just Ferguson, Many NJ Towns Have Mostly White Police

Of the 36 police officers in Plainsboro, N.J. just one is black and two are Hispanic. There are no women. Police say they are struggling to hire women and minorities. 

On The Campaign Trail, This Is Not 2012's Chris Christie

The Chris Christie now appearing on a gubernatorial campaign trail near you is subtly different from the Christie of 2012. Glimpses of 2016?  

Christie's GOP Campaigning Takes Him To Ohio

Christie's role as head of the Republican Governors' Association will see him travel to six state in 8 days campaigning for GOP candidates across the country.

Is Christie's Barnstorming a Preview of 2016?

The governor will spend up to six days a week until Election Day campaigning for GOP candidates across the country, perhaps serving as a preview of his presidential campaign.

In NJ, Staffers Vote In Place of Lawmakers

Although the rules say New Jersey lawmakers have to be present in the chamber for their vote to count, their staffers routinely cast electronic votes in their bosses' absence.