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President Obama Meets Troops, Governor Christie at New Jersey Base

President Obama flew to a New Jersey military base Monday to speak to service members about the end of combat operations in Afghanistan.

Crude Oil Could Come to New Jersey

The highly volatile substance will pass through the nation's most densely populated state by rail. 

New Jersey's privatized lottery fell short in first year

Governor Chris Christie privatized the state lottery last year to make the system more profitable but the operator is running up higher costs and bringing in less revenue.

NJ Approves Tax Breaks for Subaru, Cooper Health

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority has approved $158 million dollars in future tax breaks for Subaru and Cooper Health System.

Christie, Aide Texted As Bridgegate Cover Story Unraveled

Timeline suggests an engaged Gov. Christie, keeping a watchful eye on developments as the Bridgegate scandal unfolded.

Democratic Findings: New Bridgegate Docs Add to the Mystery

90,000 documents, 12 missing texts and 13 anguished but unanswered messages from the Fort Lee mayor. More than a year later, more Bridgegate mysteries than answers.

Sandy Recovery Leans on Charities But Results Inconsistent

National groups raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in the weeks following the storm, but there are still gaps in providing help. 

Can Presidential Candidate Christie approve a Gas Tax Hike?

New Jersey will run out of money to fix roads, repair dilapidated bridges and buy new rail cars a year early, as Governor Chris Christie prepares for an expected presidential run.

Marking Time: Exhibit Shows Prison-Made Art

From a miniature camper van made out of soda cans to abstract paintings, a Rutgers University exhibit showcases the work of inmate artists.

Stabbing of NJ Welfare Worker Shines Spotlight on Police Cuts

The stabbing of a state case worker in Camden is raising questions about the Christie Administration's decision to remove police officers from New Jersey's welfare offices.

There But for the Grace of God Goes Christie

Three years ago, Gov. Christie’s religion was “none of your business.” Now, with a presidential campaign in sight, the governor is clapping in the pews and regularly talking about God.

Booker Gets More from Wall Street Than Any Member of Congress

Sen. Booker received $1.87 million from the securities and investment industry, making him the top recipient of Wall Street money and six other industries this election cycle.

Speed Bump Ahead? Christie's Road to White House

If his foul mouth or Bridgegate doesn't get him, the Jersey Comeback that never was might.

How Christie Will Rely on Mouth, Money & Moxie To Run For President

We learned three things about Chris Christie this past year: He can raise oodles of money. He is tireless. And voters love his sharp tongue.

Gov. Christie Considers Proposals to Save Atlantic City

A controversial move used by Detroit is among the choices the New Jersey Governor is considering.

How to Stop Atlantic City From Becoming the Next Detroit

Ahead of a Wednesday summit on the future of Atlantic City, Senate President Steve Sweeney shared a proposal to lower the city's property taxes, up 53 percent in two years.

Obamacare's Latino Problem

In Newark's North Ward, Latinos balked at Obamacare enrollment for fear it meant outing undocumented family members. But if the ACA is to succeed, it needs them to sign up.

Obamacare Saved My Life. Then I Got the Bill.

For people with expensive, chronic conditions, ACA enrollment often comes with unexpected sticker shock. 

New Jersey's Obamacare Limbo

Tens of thousands of Newark’s poor have applied for Medicaid since the ACA launched a year ago. Now if only someone would approve their applications.

Christie's Super Tuesday, By the Numbers

Gov. Chris Christie wasn't on the ballot yesterday, but he is a face of the GOP wave. Here's why.