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When Race and Drugs Intersect, Children More Likely to Enter Foster Care

An NJPR investigation found that black children in New Jersey are more than twice as likely as white children to be taken away when parental drugs are involved.

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Christie’s Private Yahoo vs. Clinton’s Private Server

Hillary Clinton sent emails from a private server. Chris Christie sent an email from his private account. We wade into the debate and ask: How public is private?   

Drivers in New Jersey Fall for Low Gas Prices

With the price under $2 a gallon at some pumps, it may be time for a road trip in the Garden State.

Trump Is Gone From Atlantic City But Not Forgotten

The story of Donald Trump in Atlantic City is the story of any casino: Wins, losses and plenty of spectacle.

Christie Wins Fight in Exxon Toxic Clean-Up Settlement

Environmental groups and Democrats have criticized the deal, saying New Jersey is settling for pennies on the dollar.

NJ Pipeline Pushed Through Without a Vote

A two-year battle to stop a pipeline from crossing the conservation area is pushed through without a vote of the Pinelands Commission. 

Fox News Apologies To Christie Over Obama Hug That Wasn't

Conservatives' biggest gripe with Christie is over a hug that never happened. Nearly three years later, a mea culpa.

Christie's 'No Taxes' Pledge Has Implications in New Jersey

Does no taxes for America mean poor roads for New Jersey?

NJ Supreme Court Turns Attention to Public-Worker Cost-of-Living Adjustments

If court rules COLAs can’t be suspended -- as 2011 law allows -- state could be out $70 billion in projected savings over next three decades

Christie's New Hampshire Strategy

Christie is losing badly in the Granite State, according to the polls. But he has a plan. And it was set in motion back in 2013.

They Love Him at Town Hall Meetings, But Not When The Pollsters Call

Christie is doing horribly in the polls, but you wouldn't know that on the ground in New Hampshire.

Christie Says He'd Build New NJ Transit Tunnel, Slams Amtrak for Delays

The New Jersey Republican says he'd build new trans-Hudson rail tunnels if he's elected president, in spite of killing a similar project in 2010.

Christie Returns to Camden, His National Model for Criminal Justice Reform

Christie visit to 'America's most dangerous city' for a policy speech on crime was his first as a presidential candidate.

Vital New Jersey Hospital Sits in Limbo

A hospital in Newark is $230 million in debt and struggling to stay open. There’s a willing buyer, but the state hasn’t approved the deal yet, and doctors are starting to leave. 

Citibike to Expand to Jersey City as Hoboken's Bike Share Goes it Alone

Jersey City and Hoboken originally planned to launch a joint program to help residents get between the two communities. But then Citibike in New York City beckoned.

Environmental Group Asks to Intervene in Exxon Mobil Case

The Natural Resources Defense Council says New Jersey breached its duty to protect public resources when it accepted a $225 million settlement with Exxon. 

World's Largest Vertical Farm Comes to Newark

The produce is growing up and Newark hopes the city will get a boost, too. 

5 Ways Candidate Christie Is Going Conservative

War, abortion and guns: Meet conservative Chris Christie.

Christie Formally Announces 2016 White House Run

The New Jersey Governor formally launched his Presidential candidacy in the gym of Livingston High School, where Christie served as student president 35 years ago.

African-Americans Reluctant to Treat Mental Illness

From the pulpit to the psychiatrist's office, mental health advocates are seeking to improve access to care among urban black communities.

Supreme Court's ACA Ruling: 200,000 NJ Patients Cheer, Republicans Jeer

The Supreme Court's ruling in favor of health care subsidies on the federal marketplace preserves the cost of insurance for nearly 200,000 New Jersey residents.