About SchoolBook

Welcome to SchoolBook 2.0. After a fruitful two-year partnership with The New York Times, SchoolBook is flying solo under the expert leadership of WNYC. The site remains dedicated to news, data and conversation about schools in New York City. It will house coverage of schools by WNYC, led by our local news team, including our New Jersey reporters, and enhanced by programs such as the Brian Lehrer Show and NPR.

SchoolBook 2.0 reflects some of the changes we’ve witnessed in news and technology these last few years. For example, we are active @schoolbook on Twitter and on Facebook at To make it easier to comment, we removed the requirement to log in to Facebook first.  So join the conversation; it’s easy now to comment on our posts.

We also eliminated the individual school pages, which were little used. But we still want to share video and images from your schools.  You can send items via social media or e-mail them to

The key components of SchoolBook remain intact, even improved. You can find a treasure trove of data from city and state sources for every public school in the nation’s largest school district. And you can still put the data for different schools side-by-side, and compare the performance criteria that are most important to you, when searching for the right schools for your child.  Check out the school data page at

SchoolBook will continue its two-year record of covering local education news with accuracy and care. You can learn about the policies, the politics, the players and debates right here. And when another news outlet has something worth sharing, we will link to it so that our readers stay in the know. We also will feature Viewpoints from engaged members of the education community and seek out more principals to participate in the Principal’s Office.

We seek to offer a blend of news and best practices. Opinions and facts.  A student’s view on a policy, an educator’s tip on how to do the job better. And we will continue to count on you to weigh in, talk to each other, share information. After all, the other key component of SchoolBook is conversation. We hope you interpret that broadly. Write to us, for us, about us.

Read our posts. Study the data. Analyze the explanations. Ask a question – or answer one. Propose an idea. Share tips and advice. Send us feedback. And tell us more about your schools. One thing we’ve learned in the last two years: the school system offers an amazing perspective on the people of New York City, their resilience, challenges and growth. We look forward to growing with them.   

Patricia Willens is the editor of education coverage and youth reporting efforts at WNYC. You can follow her @pwillens on Twitter or email her at