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  • 12:00 AM
    The Leonard Lopate Show
  • Commanding Attention

    General Stanley McChrystal reflects on his tenure as the commanding officer of all US & coalition forces in Afghanistan. John Matteson discusses the life and times of the fiery social critic Margaret Fuller. Emmy winner Laurie Metcaff and her daughter Zoe Perry talk about staring in “The Other Room” on Broadway.

  • 02:00 AM
    BBC World Service
  • BBC World Service provides international news, analysis and information.

  • 05:00 AM
    Morning Edition
  • Morning Edition is your perfect morning companion: gentle, but straightforward, explaining the vagaries of international diplomacy, reporting weather and even recommending the best film in town.

  • 09:00 AM
    BBC World Service
  • BBC World Service provides international news, analysis and information.

  • 10:00 AM
    The Brian Lehrer Show
  • Lasting Impact

    Local elected officials from Coney Island, Hoboken, and Long Beach discuss how federal Sandy aid will affect their communities. Plus: Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng discusses his human rights work in China and what it’s been like living in New York City; and NPR's Mike Pesca on what the Lance Armstrong admission of doping means for sports.

    → Inauguration Project: Write the next "Ask not...."

  • 12:00 PM
    The Leonard Lopate Show
  • Pulled Apart

    On today’s show: We’ll find out how the epidemic of post-traumatic stress disorder among the country’s veterans is spreading to their families. Writer, director, and producer Bill Persky looks back at the Golden Age of television and his work on “The Dick van Dyke Show” and “Kate and Allie,” and other hit shows. The curator of “Inventing Abstraction” at the Museum of Modern Art talks about how abstraction transformed art. Plus: this week’s Please Explain is all about our troubled postal service.

  • 02:00 PM
    Science Friday
  • Science Friday is a weekly science talk show from NPR. Each week, Science Friday's host Ira Flatow, a veteran science journalist, looks at science topics that are in the news brings an educated, balanced discussion to bear on the scientific issues at hand. Panels of expert guests join Flatow, a veteran science journalist, to discuss science -- to take questions from listeners during the call-in portion of the program.

  • 03:00 PM
    The Takeaway
  • Today's Takeaway | January 18, 2013

    Unpacking the History of the French-Algerian Conflict | Technology, Safety, the Boeing 787, and the Future | One Student's Quest to Stop the Teaching of Creationism in Louisiana Schools | New Movie Releases: 'Mama,' 'Broken City,' 'The Last Stand' | President Lyndon Johnson's Legacy Ahead of Barack Obama's Second Inaugural

  • 04:00 PM
    All Things Considered
  • The day’s biggest stories, plus commentary, arts and life, music and entertainment, the quirky and the mainstream.

  • 06:30 PM
  • Marketplace is not only about money and business, but about people, local economies and the world — and what it all means to us.

  • 07:00 PM
    All Things Considered
  • The day’s biggest stories, plus commentary, arts and life, music and entertainment, the quirky and the mainstream.

  • 08:00 PM
    On The Media
  • Violent Video Games, Lying Athletes, and More

    The history of studies on video games and aggression, a reporter's coverage of every underage gun death in New York City, Lance Armstrong, Manti Te'o, and remembering Aaron Swartz.

  • 09:00 PM
  • Erin McKeown Plays Live; Eva Tanguay, The Queen Of Vaudeville

    Folk-rock singer-songwriter and recent Harvard University fellow Erin McKeown returns with a new, politically charged album called Manifestra – she performs some of it live in our studio. Then, she talks with John Schaefer about one of her other big passions: sports.

    Plus, we get a glimpse into the life of vaudeville actress and singer Eva Tanguay -- a flamboyant entertainer who was one of the biggest stars of her time. We're joined by the writer Andrew Erdman, whose new book is called Queen of Vaudeville: The Story of Eva TanguayAnd, musicians Bree Benton and Franklin Bruno perform some of Tanguay's hit songs live in our studio.

  • 10:00 PM
    Q with Jian Ghomeshi
  • Q is an energetic daily arts, culture and entertainment magazine that takes you on a smart and surprising ride, interviewing personalities and tackling the cultural issues that matter. Hosted by Jian Ghomeshi, with his trademark wit and spontaneity, Q covers pop culture and high arts alike with forays into the most provocative and compelling cultural trends.

  • 11:00 PM
    New Sounds
  • Around the Globe in 59 Minutes

    This New Sounds program aims to take a tour of music around the world, in 59 minutes or less.  Listen to Bengali, Punjabi, Ethiopian and Senegalese music, along with other sounds.  Punjabi wedding music meets New Orleans Brass bands in the music of Brooklyn-based party band Red Baraat, then Samuel Yirga takes the groove of Ethiopian music as his starting point in a trance-jazz tune.