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    BBC World Service
  • BBC World Service

    News from the BBC World Service, with live updates about the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. 

  • 02:00 AM
    BBC World Service
  • BBC World Service provides international news, analysis and information.

  • 05:00 AM
    Morning Edition
  • Morning Edition is your perfect morning companion: gentle, but straightforward, explaining the vagaries of international diplomacy, reporting weather and even recommending the best film in town.

  • 09:00 AM
    BBC World Service
  • BBC World Service provides international news, analysis and information.

  • 10:00 AM
    The Brian Lehrer Show
  • Good, Better, Best

    This is a best-of Brian Lehrer Show, so we won't be taking any calls. But the comments page is always open, and we'll be back live on Monday!

    Before heading to the stores this Black Friday, Elizabeth Cline gives her take on bargain shopping. Plus: the founder of Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill; Paul Auster remembers; Context and a Critic on Homeland; Randy Cohen's ethics, and the man behind the Khan Academy videos.

  • 12:00 PM
    The Leonard Lopate Show
  • Drama, School

    We hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! Today we’re rebroadcasting some favorite interviews. We’ll find out the history and future of anonymous information leaks by hackers and activists, like Wikileaks and Anonymous. Tony Danza tells us about his experiences teaching 10th-grade English for a year at Philadelphia’s largest high school, and explains why he wants to apologize to every teacher he’s ever had. Emma Straub talks about her new novel, Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures. Plus, Paul Tough looks at why children’s success depends less on intelligence and more on skills like curiosity, optimism, and self-control.

  • 02:00 PM
    Science Friday
  • Science Friday is a weekly science talk show from NPR. Each week, Science Friday's host Ira Flatow, a veteran science journalist, looks at science topics that are in the news brings an educated, balanced discussion to bear on the scientific issues at hand. Panels of expert guests join Flatow, a veteran science journalist, to discuss science -- to take questions from listeners during the call-in portion of the program.

  • 03:00 PM
    The Takeaway
  • Today's Takeaway | November 23, 2012

    Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and American: A Woman's Unlikely Background | A Pioneer in Disability Rights | Humor in Dark Places: The Comedy of Cancer | How John Manrique is Getting Right | The Power of Letters | The Hidden Power of Vulnerability

  • 04:00 PM
    All Things Considered
  • The day’s biggest stories, plus commentary, arts and life, music and entertainment, the quirky and the mainstream.

  • 06:30 PM
  • Marketplace is not only about money and business, but about people, local economies and the world — and what it all means to us.

  • 07:00 PM
    All Things Considered
  • The day’s biggest stories, plus commentary, arts and life, music and entertainment, the quirky and the mainstream.

  • 08:00 PM
    On The Media
  • Publishing: Adapt or Die

    An update of On the Media's annual look at the publishing industry that originally aired in April, including fears of Amazon becoming a monopoly and the little publishing house standing up to it, a Pulitzer snub for fiction, and the problem of knock-off books.

  • 09:00 PM
  • Ted Leo, Antibalas Live From World Financial Center

    For three nights in October, WNYC presented live concerts at the World Financial Center’s Winter Garden atrium, with each one hosted by John Schaefer.

    Today on the show, Soundcheck presents the first of the three events, an Afro-centric show. The first set features Ted Leo, from the popular post-punk band Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, interpreting the music of South African pioneer Hugh Masekela. And in the second, Brooklyn's own Afropop big band Antibalas performs original music that carries on the tradition of the late Nigerian saxophonist, singer and bandleader Fela Kuti.

  • 10:00 PM
    Q with Jian Ghomeshi
  • Q is an energetic daily arts, culture and entertainment magazine that takes you on a smart and surprising ride, interviewing personalities and tackling the cultural issues that matter. Hosted by Jian Ghomeshi, with his trademark wit and spontaneity, Q covers pop culture and high arts alike with forays into the most provocative and compelling cultural trends.

  • 11:00 PM
    New Sounds
  • "Glory to Women"

    For this New Sounds, listen to several groundbreaking female musicians from around the world.  There's music from Malian kora player, Madina N'Diaye, who has opened the way to a new phenomenon in Mali: women’s access to musical instruments traditionally reserved for men. In her song, “Moussow,” the lyrics translate as: “They think that women are incapable of doing all the things they do.  But I, Madina, play the Kora...Glory to women, glory to the women of Mali.”  We'll hear another tune from her album, "Bimogow."