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'Embracing Geography': Does New York City Incubate Poets?

Monday, August 13, 2012


Poet, playwright, and novelist William Packard moderates this 1968 broadcast: Is there a New York poet?

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William Packard

Wednesday, April 29, 1981

William Packard discusses his book, Desire: Erotic Poetry Through the Ages. He talks about love poetry and erotic poetry. Packard reads selections of poems from the book.

WNYC archives id: 72922


William Packard

Monday, April 24, 1978

Writer William Packard discusses the nature of creativity with host Walter Miller.

WNYC archives id: 72859


William Packard

Thursday, January 05, 1978

William Packard discusses his new book, First Selected Poems.

WNYC archives id: 72860


William Packard

Monday, October 10, 1977

William Packard reads selections from his book First Selected Poems and discusses them with Walter James Miller. Among the poems he reads are "Haircut," "They are doing it in Africa," and "Sisyphus."

WNYC archives id: 72898


Walter James Miller

Monday, September 19, 1977

Walter J. Miller discusses his book, Making an Angel, with host William Packard. Miller also reads a selection from his book.

WNYC archives id: 73159


William Packard

Monday, September 12, 1977

William Packard, author of Four Plays, discusses the writing and production of his plays.

WNYC archives id: 72880


Beatrice Schuman

Monday, May 24, 1976

Authors Beatrice Salomon [sic], William Packard, Richard Gardner, and Richard Kostelanetz discuss Summer Writers Conferences.

Host Walter James Miller introduces his four guests. He asks each, in turn, their experiences attending writer's conferences, what they intend to do at their upcoming conference appearances, and which of their ...


Andrews Memorial

Thursday, May 29, 1975

Poets Miriam Andrews, William Mundell, and William Packard honor John Williams Andrews with selections from Andrews' work as well as material written in tribute to him.

WNYC archives id: 72893


William Packard and John Ware

Sunday, November 10, 1974

William Packard and John Ware discuss their new book, The Craft of Poetry.

WNYC archives id: 72858


William Packard

Sunday, June 16, 1974

Poet William Packard discusses his translation of a Chinese play, The White Snake. He talks about the technical conventions and themes of the work. He talks about his other works and the upcoming Hofstra Summer Writers' Conference as well.

WNYC archives id: 72877


New York Poets - Are They Different?

Sunday, September 15, 1968

This episode is from the WNYC archives. It may contain language which is no longer politically or socially appropriate.

William Packard moderates. He introduces the discussion program on New York poets, an extension of a course offered at New York University this fall, he names many poets who are involved ...