Victor Riesel

Victor Riesel appears in the following:

Arthur Sylvester

Wednesday, July 06, 1966

He wants to explain what the Department of Defense is striving to do for the press.


George Reedy

Tuesday, June 28, 1966

He reflects on the Roosevelt White House, when the press was at times deliberately mislead.


Jack Vaughn

Wednesday, June 22, 1966

Vaughn emphasizes the need for Negro volunteers in the Peace Corps. He notes that people with adversity in their backgrounds tend to have strong staying power overseas.


Lincoln Gordon

Thursday, June 16, 1966

This episode is from the WNYC archives. It may contain language which is no longer politically or socially appropriate.

Begins abruptly.

[Note on tape box indicates the only first 29 minutes of this program were aired on the radio due to limited air time]


Leonard Marks

Wednesday, June 01, 1966

Marks discusses the state of press in the United States and abroad.


Victor Riesel and Walter Reuther

Wednesday, November 20, 1963

Veteran reporter introduces labor leader.


Thanat Khoman

Wednesday, September 27, 1961

Khoman describes the difficulties of a small country like Thailand to fend communism off alone, particularly against a huge country like China.