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U Thant on the World Youth Assembly

Wednesday, May 06, 1970

U Thant, Secretary General of the United Nations, speaks on the importance of the World Youth Assembly, a scholarship program to bring young global citizens together, similar to the United Nations General Assembly. He makes an appeal for donations to fund the next meeting.

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U Thant Statement on the Escalation of the Vietnam War

Saturday, April 04, 1970

In this statement, United Nations Secretary General U Thant discusses the escalation of the Vietnam War as well as other conflicts in Cambodia and Laos. He argues that military actions cannot bring peaceful solutions to this conflict and urges the nations involved to adhere to the agreements made during the ...


U Thant Warns of Cold War Intensification

Thursday, September 19, 1968

UN Secretary General outlines his global policy concerns at a luncheon for the Hammarskjold Memorial Scholarship fund.


Press Conference on Vietnam, U Thant

Thursday, January 18, 1968

This is the first press conference of the General Assembly session. Thant congratulates Mr. Allfell, the newly elected president of the UN Press Corps. President Johnson's state of the union address occurred the night before. Thant reiterates his position that US bombing of North Vietnam must halt before peace negotiations ...


Press Conference in UN Headquarters with U Thant

Saturday, September 16, 1967

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Mr. Ragavand9?) leads the guestions from the press corps.

U Thant expresses confidence in the UN as more than a forum for debate.

His position on Vietnam has not changed. First priority is cessation of bombing of North ...


Press Conference, Mayor John Lindsay with U Thant

Monday, November 14, 1966

Recorded in the Blue Room at City Hall, Mayor John V. Lindsay and U Thant, Secretary-General of the United Nations, receive the press after a private luncheon. Lindsay notes that this is not a formal press conference as Thant does not conduct interviews outside of the United Nations. He welcomes ...


U Thant Advocates for Peaceful Change at the Rensselaerville Institute

Thursday, September 08, 1966

United Nations Secretary General U Thant addresses the Rensselaerville Institute of Man and Science at a seminar on peaceful change.

He describes the purpose of the UN, and his work as Secretary General to facilitate peace in three areas of activity:

1. political


U Thant Speaks on Peace and Democracy to Representatives of the United States Labor Movement

Tuesday, May 24, 1966

U Thant, Secretary General of the United Nations speaks on the objectives of peace and human advancement in the face of the Vietnam War to members of the United States Labor Movement.

He begins by describing what a successful democracy requires despite a bleak world view, "Despite ...


U Thant, Noon from the UN

Friday, February 11, 1966

U Thant appeals for aid to


UN Press Club Luncheon, U Thant

Thursday, April 15, 1965

Secretary-General U Thant address the press at this luncheon. Expresses his deep concern about the current situation in Vietnam, but says there is little he can talk about. U Thant takes questions.

NBC News - Why do you not appeal for a cease fire in Vietnam?


U Thant, United Nations

Friday, January 01, 1965

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Secretary General of the United Nations U Thant speaks about the failure of the 19th General Assembly, the formation of special peacekeeping council within the ...


Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial

Wednesday, November 13, 1963

On the first anniversary of her death.


United Nations Day Concert

Thursday, October 24, 1963

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18th Anniversary of the founding of the United Nations.

English speaking announcer notes the planned events, followed by a French translation.

The English speaking announcer ...


Alistair Cooke Interviews U Thant

Monday, April 23, 1962

Alastair Cooke interviews U Thant, Secretary General, U.N. about Burma, his life, philosophy and the U.N.

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UN International Co-operation Year Lecture, Mikhail Millionchikov

Friday, January 01, 1960

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U.N. Secretary General U Thant introduces Mikhail Millionchikov, Professor of Physics, Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Russia's Deputy Director of Atomic ...