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Sree Sreenivasan

Professor of Digital Journalism at Columbia University

Sree Sreenivasan appears in the following:

Social Media and the 2012 Election

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Sree Sreenivasan, professor of digital media and dean of student affairs at Columbia Journalism School, takes a look at the role social media is playing in 2012 election cycle.

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Social Media and Modern Life

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Sree Sreenivasan, Dean of Student Affairs and digital media professor at Columbia Journalism School, discusses the role of social networking in modern life and the media, for better or worse.

Is your professional life integrated into your social media life? Have you found that helpful or harmful to your career?

Have you attempted to turn off your online life? Have you been successful?

Give us a call at 212-433-9692, or leave a comment, to let us know!

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The Online Grind

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

In the world of instant news sites, there is immense pressure on reporters to break the story—even by just seconds. Sree Sreenivasan, dean of student affairs and digital media professor at the Columbia Journalism School and contributing editor to, joins us along with Helena Andrews, a former Politico reporter adn author of Bitch Is the New Black, and Remy Stern, editor-in-chief of, discuss the pressures on online journalists, and how tools like "hit counters" and other instant feedback shapes their coverage.

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Google Aims to Make Waves With New App

Thursday, October 01, 2009

[An abridged version of the Google Wave presentation that went viral earlier this year.]

Google is making an ambitious play with a new web application. They say their new tool, Google Wave, is what email might look like if it were invented today. With one tool, they're trying to create a single replacement for email, instant messaging and document sharing. We talk with Gina Trapani, editor of Life Hacker; and Sree Sreenivasan, Columbia University digital journalism professor, about whether Google's success is going to its head and whether Microsoft might finally be making a comeback with the Bing search engine.

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Inspector Gadget

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sree Sreenivasan, dean of students & professor at Columbia Journalism School, tech reporter for WNBC-TV and co-founder, of the South Asian Journalists Association (SAJA) talks what's cool and what's not in the world of gadgets.

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Egg on Your Facebook

Monday, December 03, 2007

Sree Sreenivasan, dean of students and professor at Columbia Journalism School, tech reporter for WNBC-TV and co-founder South Asian Journalists Association, talks about the controversy over privacy and Facebook.

How much privacy are you willing to give up on Facebook? Its whole model is about sharing ...

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Follow-Up Friday

Friday, September 07, 2007

"I Am Not A Rook!"
Former chess Grand Master Josh Waitzkin discusses being a child chess protégé, and playing against the chess hustlers in Washington Square Park.

"Gay" vs. "Homosexual"
During our call-in over Larry Craig, a listener wrote in to take issue with referring ...

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Same News, Different Views, Part I

Friday, May 25, 2007

Alberto Vourvoulias-Bush, executive editor of El Diario-La Prensa; Sree Sreenivasan, dean of students at Columbia Journalism School, tech reporter for WNBC-TV and co-founder of the South Asian Journalists Association (SAJA); Ti-Hua Chang, reporter for WCBS-TV; and Elaine Rivera, reporter for WNYC, look ...