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Hall of Science Dedication

Wednesday, January 01, 1964

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Robert Moses and Charles Poletti

Wednesday, July 17, 1963

Robert Moses on the upcoming New York World's Fair.


Robert Moses is Guest of Honor at the New York Mirror Welfare Fund Dinner

Monday, October 29, 1962

Robert Moses speaks as the guest of honor at a dinner hosted by the New York Mirror Welfare Fund.

Union leader Harry Van Arsdale and Publisher of the _New York Mirror_ Charles B. McCabe serve as co-chairmen. They celebrate Moses' accomplishments and defend him against his critics. ...


Robert Moses Speech "From LaFont to the Motor Age"

Tuesday, September 25, 1962

Robert Moses gives a speech in Arlington, Virginia titled "From LaFont to the Motor Age" on overcoming hurdles in developing city infrastructure. He gives a critique of Washington D.C. as a successfully planned state capital regarding its monuments but "seals off the city from its people." He jokes, "I urge ...


New York Law School Commencement Exercises

Thursday, June 21, 1962

At the commencement exercises for New York Law School, Commissioner Robert Moses acts as the keynote speaker and is given an honorary degree as Doctor of Law.
Moses' speech includes his own version of the Ten Commandments for the graduating class. He asks them to take pride in their ...


Lake Welch Beach Opening Ceremony

Friday, June 15, 1962

Laurence Rockefeller acts as host of the opening of Lake Welsh Beach in the Palisades. His brother, Governor Nelson Rockefeller, speaks in tribute to Laurence's long career in service of parks and conservation. Commissioner Robert Moses and conservationist Harold Wilm also speak, Wilm about the the importance of seeing New ...


Robert Moses Address at San Francisco Bay Area Council

Friday, May 04, 1962

Robert Moses contrasts the cities of New York and San Francisco and discusses slum clearance, city planning, and the coming 1964 World's Fair in an address at the San Francisco Bay Area Council.

Audio courtesy of the NYC Municipal Archives WNYC Collection

WNYC archives id: 150459
Municipal archives id: LT9347


Halfway on the Fair

Saturday, March 10, 1962

Robert Moses speaks about his administration of the coming World's Fair in 1964. He gives an update on the Fair, his colorful criticisms of his critics, and the philosophy behind the World's Fair.
After his speech he answers questions from attendees.

Audio courtesy of the NYC Municipal Archives WNYC ...


Palisades Interstate Park Commission Tribute to George Perkins, Former Commissioner, Bear Mountains.

Saturday, October 21, 1961

Lawrence Rockefeller, Commissioner Robert Moses, and Commissioner Albert R. Jube speak in praise of the recently passed George Perkins, who, like his father before him, served as President of the Palisades Interstate Park Commission.

Audio courtesy of the NYC Municipal Archives WNYC Collection

WNYC archives id: 150462
Municipal archives id: ...


Bronx Board of Trade Banquet Award Ceremony

Thursday, April 20, 1961

At the Bronx Board of Trade Banquet and Awards Ceremony Dr. Irving S. Cooper of St. Barnabus Hospital receives a citation for medicine; George Farkas of the Alexander's Department Store chain receives an award for commerce; Laurence McGinley of Fordham University receives an award for his work in education; and ...


Robert Moses on Architectural Plans for the 1964 New York World's Fair

Thursday, March 23, 1961

In a talk delivered at Brandeis University, Robert Moses discusses the architectural plans for the 1964 World's Fair, or rather, the lack of a plan. "The Fair administration belongs to no architectural clique, subscribes to no aesthetic creed, favors no period or school, and worships at no artistic shrine."


Niagara Falls Power Project Opening Ceremonies

Friday, February 10, 1961

The power of Niagara Falls comes to life.


Fordham University, N.Y.C. Alumni Dinner

Thursday, February 02, 1961

Celebration of 50th anniversary of Cardinal Spellman's graduation. Speakers: Emile Cardinal Leqer, Archbishop of Montreal; Malcolm Wilson, Lt. Gov. of N.Y; Francis Cardinal Spellman, Archbishop of New York; Robert Moses, President of Worlds Fair Corp; and Laurence McGinley, President and Rector of Fordham University.

Spellman's speech centers ...


Robert Moses on "Policing the Waterways"

Friday, January 13, 1961

Robert Moses delivers an address on water safety entitled "Policing the Waterways" at a meeting of the National Association of Engine and Boat Manufacturers at the Hotel Astor.

Audio courtesy of the NYC Municipal Archives WNYC Collection

WNYC archives id: 150449
Municipal archives id: LT9164


BQE Naval Yard Viaduct

Tuesday, January 05, 1960

Opening ceremonies surrounding the Navy Yard Viaduct section of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, the last Brooklyn section of that highway. Speakers include State Superintendent of Public Works John Burch McMarron, Brooklyn Borough President John Cashmore, commissioner Robert Moses and Mayor Robert F. Wagner.

Audio courtesy of the NYC Municipal Archives ...


Robert Moses address to the New York City Building Conference luncheon

Tuesday, November 10, 1959

After a laudatory introduction by Gilmore Clarke, Robert Moses speaks at the New York City Building Conference. Moses' colorful speech focuses on his criticisms of the critics of his public works. He talks about his recent efforts on the power dams at Niagara and St. Lawrence, Title 1 housing (which ...


Shakespeare In Central Park

Monday, May 11, 1959

Statement about Robert F. Wagner's talk with Park Commissioner Moses on "Shakespeare in the Park."

Audio courtesy of the NYC Municipal Archives WNYC Collection

WNYC archives id: 150439
Municipal archives id: LT8468


Opening of Bruckner Expressway

Tuesday, November 18, 1958

Speakers: Commissioner Moses State Supt. of Public Works John W. Johnson. Mayor Wagner. Governor Harriman.

Audio courtesy of the NYC Municipal Archives WNYC Collection

WNYC archives id: 150437
Municipal archives id: LT8072


Dedication of A Section of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway

Tuesday, September 30, 1958

Robert Moses emcees the dedication of the section of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway (BQE) stretching from Grand Street to Park Avenue in Brooklyn. Speakers include John Cashmore, Brooklyn Borough President, and John W. Johnson, the New York State Superintendent of Public Works.

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