Richard I. Pyatt

Richard I. Pyatt appears in the following:

Le Treteau De Paris

Wednesday, April 15, 1970

Members of the French theater company Le Treteau De Paris join Richard Pyatt on this episode of Seminars in Theatre. Founder and Producer, Jean de Rigault, talks about their program of French language plays which will be performed at the Barbizon-Plaza Theatre, sponsored by the French Foreign Ministry.


Foster Parents Plan Incorporated

Thursday, April 09, 1970

Richard Pyatt speaks to two representatives from the Foster Parents Plan Incorporated, Robert H. Walter, Field Director in Brazil and Carole Leedham, Special Projects Coordinator.

The program connects American and Canadian families with children in need who live in foreign countries. The donors give $16 per month ...


Hedda Gabler: The Critics Hate Her

Monday, March 30, 1970

Host Richard Pyatt talks to Ted Van Griethuysen and Aldo Bonura - both actors, directors, and educators - about a production of the Henrik Ibsen's play "Hedda Gabler" performed by the Opposites Company at the Actors Playhouse. Van Griethuysen is the director of the production and Bonura acts the part ...


Salvation Army: Approach to the Narcotics Problem

Monday, March 30, 1970

This episode introduces the Salvation Army's approach to the narcotics problem. Guests include Brigadier Dorthy Barry, a narcotics consultant, Major Mary Davis, Director of the Women's Correctional Bureau, and Brian Figueroa, Director of the Salvation Army Coffee House in Greenwich Village.

Has there been a change in ...


Post Mortem on Bright Tower, A Conversation with Marta Galfin

Monday, February 02, 1970

On this episode of Seminars in Theater, host Richard Pyatt speaks with actress Martha Galphin about making her Broadway debut. Unfortunately the play, Bright Tower was closed after two performances. She talks about her "experience [performing] in a flop" and her off-broadway work leading up to Bright Tower.

Audio courtesy ...


Interview with Harmon Goldstone, Chairman of the Landmarks Preservation Commission

Friday, September 19, 1969

Harmon Goldstone explains why the Commission rejected plans to build a skyscraper over Grand Central Station.


Herman H. Dinsmore, Author of "All The News That Fits"

Wednesday, September 17, 1969

A book critical of The New York Times for redacting or manufacturing the news in favor of a liberal slant.


Airports: Run, Delay or Runaway

Thursday, July 10, 1969

Richard Pyatt is the host and moderator. With him are Arthur Healy author of the best selling novel Airport, Alfred MacDonald a Chief Engineer of airports at Parsons Brinkerhoff Quaid and Douglas Wilder Buechner chief of the air traffic branch of the New York area office of the Federal Aviation ...


Special report: Campus '69

Friday, June 20, 1969

WNYC's Richard Pyatt hosts a program about student unrest.


[Brooklyn Navy Yard Update, Tenants' Rights Plans, Employee of the Month]

Sunday, June 15, 1969

This episode is from the WNYC archives. It may contain language which is no longer politically or socially appropriate.

Richard Pyatt with Real Estate Commissioner Carl Madonick in a monthly series.

a) City has made proposition to Federal Government for the part of the Brooklyn Navy Yard ...


New Ideas in Education

Sunday, May 25, 1969

Richard Pyatt, a WNYC Announcer and Professor of Speech and Drama at Pace College, moderates a discussion on methods of education with:

Neil Postman, Co-author "Teaching as a Subversive Activity"
Harold Levine, President of Mervin and Jesse Levine Advertising, Inc. Member of the Board of Education, ...


Helping the Ex-Addict Through Poetry Therapy

Thursday, April 17, 1969

Therapists encourage addicts to write poems about their feelings, conflicts, and symptoms.


Interview with William H. Grier, Author of Black Rage

Tuesday, January 21, 1969

Richard Pyatt interviews Dr. William H. Grier, Psychiatrist at the University of California Medical School, about his recent book Black Rage, co-authored with Dr. Price M. Cobbs.

The book uses case histories to describe emotional trends and "handicaps" of black patients which demonstrates a growing hostility in ...


Missing Elements - Single Girls in New York

Thursday, January 16, 1969

Sex and the single 'girl'. Stewardesses who get pregnant.


Private contractors: The new trend in education

Monday, December 23, 1968

WNYC's Richard Pyatt interviews Sandra M. Brown, Executive Director of Education, Inc., a company specializing in education alternatives.


Weekly from the Atlantic Monthly

Friday, November 22, 1968

An essay by James Dickey discusses Theodore Roethke and Allan Seager.


Association of Production Artists

Sunday, November 10, 1968

Richard Pyatt interviews APA members Stephen Porter and Patricia Conolly.


New Lafayette Theater

Monday, October 07, 1968

Richard Pyatt interviews members of the 150-seat New Lafayette Theater.


25th Anniversary of the New York City Center of Music and Drama

Monday, October 07, 1968

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the New York City Center of Music and Drama, Host Richard Pyatt is joined by founding member Claire R. Reis; mezzo-soprano Frances Bible; ballet dancer Melissa Hayden; and Richard (Dick) Rosen, Assistant to the Mayor. The guests discuss the history of City ...


The Fisherman's Players of Cape Cod and The Black Messiah

Monday, September 16, 1968

Richard Pyatt interviews Reverend Richard D. Waters, the Director of the Fishman's Players of Cape Cod, and actor Willie Woods to discuss, "The Black Messiah," a play written by Waters and starring Woods. They discuss the reception to the play, recently performed in New York City for one night on ...