Raymond Henderson

Hi my name is Raymond Henderson, AKA Ray-Ray. I am 14-years-old. I was born at Bellevue Hospital this is in Manhattan. I grew up in Brooklyn then Queens. I moved to the Bronx for like two months. After that, I moved back to Brooklyn and here I am in Crown Heights. I like to play sports and watch TV. I plan to be a homicide detective.

I live in Crown Heights. Where I live could be dangerous if you don’t say anything good. I know what to say and where to say it so I’m fine.

One interesting thing about me is I’m a very picky person. I hate pizza, sandwiches and pasta.

Recorder: Mini-Me, Junior
It is just a mere child because his father was stolen. So he is only a little courageous, a little strong, a lot sensitive, and handsome. He looks like me.

(Note: Each Rookie named his/her equipment as a way to feel more at ease with the technology.)

Raymond Henderson appears in the following:

Someone to Tuck Me In

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Last year at a routine check-up, 15-year-old Raymond Henderson decided to tell the truth. When his doctor noticed bruises on his neck, Raymond admitted that his stepfather was abusing him. The Administration for Children's Services took Raymond and his sister Monica from their step-dad who’d raised them since their mother's death 13 years ago. Now they’re living with Ophelia, the home health attendant who cared for their mother as she was dying. Ophelia wants to give Raymond and Monica a permanent home. But faced with a decision that could shape his entire future, Raymond isn't sure. He worries that letting Ophelia adopt him would mean cutting ties with his old life and family.

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