Phelim Kine

Researcher for Human Rights Watch

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Being Detained in China: Ai Weiwei and Others

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The AP is reporting that outspoken artist Ai Weiwei has been freed on bail by Chinese activists. Josh Markel, artist and organizer of a vigil tomorrow for Weiwei, and Phelim Kine, Asia researcher at Human Rights Watch, discuss his work and imprisonment, and the overall spike in detentions in China.

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Chinese Detention System Called "Alleyway in Hell"

Thursday, November 12, 2009

On the eve of President Obama’s visit to China next week, a new report alleges that a sprawling system of “black jails” has been used to detain Chinese citizens petitioning for redress from the government. The report, called “An Alleyway in Hell[pdf, 737.06 kb], is just out this morning from Human Rights Watch. It describes Chinese citizens being abducted off the streets of Beijing and other cities with no charges. The citizens were imprisoned in state-owned hotels, nursing homes and psychiatric hospitals, where the conditions are often brutal. We speak to Phelim Kine, a researcher for Human Rights Watch.



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