Neil Ramkissoon

I was born in Astoria, Queens and then moved to the Jamaica section at age 4. I love movies. My favorite movie genres are sci-fi, psychology thrillers and mysteries. I usually try to see independent films. I was a Youth Organizer with the Forest Hills Community House (FHCH) for 2.5 years. A Youth Organizer is a young person who cares about and has a strong desire to achieve a positive force in the community. During that time I was involved in the production of a social action documentary and several public service announcements. It is through FHCH that I found out about South Asian Youth Action (SAYA!) where I worked also on producing a short film.

I'm going to pursue film/media studies at Hunter College. I know working with Radio Rookies is going to help me in my future plans.

Interesting Fact: My middle finger was accidentally severed when I was a kid (it was successfully reattached). I don't like to wear logos.

Neil Ramkissoon appears in the following:

Lucid Dreaming

Monday, February 20, 2006

Have you ever had a dream that you were aware you were dreaming? Neil had a dream like that so powerful and intense that it set him on a months-long journey to perfect the art of lucid dreaming. He wasn't interested in the meaning of his dreams, he just wanted the freedom to be able to fly.

Neil was mentored by Fred Mogul.