Marilyn DePietto

Marilyn DePietto has been a New York City schoolteacher for a decade. She teaches math at Junior High School 194 in Queens, and previously taught first and second graders at Public School 87 in the Bronx for five years. A product of city public schools, she began her career as a New York City Teaching Fellow.

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Beating Back the Math Demons

Friday, July 20, 2012

A math teacher at a Queens junior high school writes: "Being afraid of math is not something I can appreciate; however, I do have a fairly unhealthy fear of spiders. I imagined sitting in a room dedicated to the study of spiders, complete with pictures and models. My jaw clenched and a chill crept up my spine. We both had an irrational fear, but Frankie was the only one being forced to face his every day with no help."

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