Jordan Teklay

I am a loud mouth, opinionated, in-your-face, loving, black 17-year-old. I was born September 22, 1990 at Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento, CA at approximately 5:20 pm. It’s been said that I was always loud and dominant as a child, but I use that strength for radio. My dream is to go to Syracuse University and major in communications there. Anyways, down to the point, I love radio and I’m on a mission to be one of the best who has ever done it. What can I say, I go hard. And that’s all.

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Radio Rookies 10 Year Anniversary: Where Are They Now?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

In honor of Radio Rookies 10 year anniversary, another "where are they now?" update from a former Radio Rookie. Jordan Teklay was the first teenager to ever come to the program with a passion for radio already instilled. In fact, Jordan loved radio so much, at 15 he became legally emancipated from his parents and moved on his own from California to New York to try to make it as the next shock jock. He finished his Radio Rookies story three years ago and since then he’s been doing everything possible to get back on the air, like spending hours refining and sending out audition tapes.


Legal Emancipation

Monday, February 25, 2008

Two years ago, at 15, Jordan Teklay became legally emancipated from his parents and moved on his own from California to New York City. Since then, he has been learning to juggle the responsibilities of work, school and taking care of himself. Emancipation has brought both freedom and hardship. Struggling to negotiate his path in the world, Jordan is trying to understand what it means to be an adult.


Radio Rookies: Out On My Own

Friday, February 22, 2008

Two of the latest WNYC Radio Rookies, Jordan Teklay and Shirley "Star" Diaz, discuss their pieces, which center on the foster care system and moving away from their parents.

The latest Radio Rookies series "Out On My Own: Stories of Living Away from One’s Parents" airs Feb. ...

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