Johnson E. Fairchild

Johnson E. Fairchild appears in the following:

Education Revolution

Tuesday, March 18, 1952

Dr. Burdell delivers a talk on education, outlining current challenges and putting forth a detailed educational plan which meets the needs of young men in mid-20th century America.


Roger William Riis and the "Battle of the Slums"

Sunday, January 08, 1950

Rodger William Riis on low-income housing in the present day versus 50 years ago. The speech is a tribute to his father, Jacob Riis.


Walter White on Race Problems in the US

Sunday, December 18, 1949

Chairman Johnson E. Fairchild opens Cooper Union Forum. Mentions some upcoming programs. Introduces the current program "The race problem in the United States with Walter White speaki...

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The Future of Aeronautics

Sunday, December 04, 1949

The future is now.


The Future of Public Health

Wednesday, April 27, 1949

Dr. George Rosen, Director of Health Education in the New York City Department of Health and Editor of the Journal of the History of Medicine, delivers a speech on "The Future of Public Health." He feels that the future of public health will continue to consider health as a public ...