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Solving the Puzzle of China, the Web & Wyoming

Thursday, January 23, 2014

What do half a billion Chinese people, the Internet and Cheyenne, Wyoming have in common? One of the largest Internet failures in history. An Internet outage this week affected nearly every user in China—the country’s web traffic was mistakenly redirected to a company based in the Wyoming building. Jason Q. Ng is the author of "Blocked on Weibo: What Gets Suppressed on China’s Version of Twitter (And Why)." He joins The Takeaway to explain what went wrong.


Weibo and the Great Firewall of China

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jason Q. Ng, 2013 Google Policy Fellow at the University of Toronto's Citizen Lab and author of Blocked on Weibo: What Gets Suppressed on China's Version of Twitter (And Why) (New Press, August 2013), discusses his new book, which catalogues the many words and phrases censored by the Chinese government on the popular social media site Weibo.

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