Jaimita Haskell

What-up! My name is Jaimita, but I go by the name of Jay or Mita. I am a sophomore in Curtis HIgh School in Staten Island. Although, I like writing, I want to be a lawyer. I have many nephews and nieces whom I like to call my children. More than anything, I am proud of my family and culture. October 2001

Interesting Fact: My mom calls me Issy because I complain too much.

Jaimita Haskell appears in the following:


Tuesday, April 16, 2002

When Jaimita got bumped up into a more advanced high school program, all the books were brand new and the students listened politely to each other. Then, because of overcrowding, she got dropped back into the relative chaos of mainstream classes. In the course of reporting on it, Jaimita surprises herself and her principal.

Jamita was mentored by Will Morton.