Eddie Cantor

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Headliners Speak for the United Nations

Sunday, October 18, 1953

This episode is from the WNYC archives. It may contain language which is no longer politically or socially appropriate.

American Association for the United Nations and the American Jewish Committee.

Prepared for United Nations Week - October 18-24, 1953

Spots for the UN:


The Mother's March on Polio-Celebrity Spots

Saturday, November 01, 1952

Eddie Cantor, Jimmy Durante, Henry Fonda and Perry Como lended their voices to call for volunteers to participate in the 1953 Mother's March on Polio. For two hours on January 28th, 125,000 mothers solicited donations door to door, each in a designated block.

Audio courtesy of the NYC Municipal Archives ...


The Stars Speak for the Associated Blind

Monday, January 01, 1900

The date of this episode is unknown so we've filled it in with a placeholder.

In "The Stars Speak for the Associated Blind," celebrities urge the public to donate to The Associated Blind to help fund rehabilitation services. They read variations on the following script:

"Please make ...