Caryn Havlik

Assistant Producer, New Sounds

Caryn is a drummer and recovering pianist.  When not breathing music, she is also a softball player, biker, and kid and adult-inspirer.

Caryn Havlik appears in the following:

A Limited 2014 Preview / Some 2013 Missed Gems

Monday, January 13, 2014


While everyone was compiling their year-end-lists on deadline, or submitting their 2014 previews, we’ve had the luxury of no one demanding such things from us.  Now, really, the only joy in these sorts of exercises might be taunting John Schaefer with the freer time which comes from not hosting two daily shows (& countless other events), and then finally feeling guilty enough to share the things that the staff stumbled upon while not compiling Listener Poll data. Just to defy low expectations, and to continue to avoid actually BEING on air, here's another in the series of "Rogue" New Sounds Staff posts and it's a long one - in two parts.

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