Andrew Goble

I was born on Staten Island and have lived here ever since. I am 18 years old and my birthday is June 23, 1988. I am Irish, Scottish, Puerto Rican and Native American. My interests include going to the mall to window shop, and going to the movies with my brother, sister, friend and girlfriend. I also like to play video games whenever I can. I spend my time mostly sleeping, volunteering for Project Hospitality and looking for a job.

I want to have a well-paid job, just like everyone else, enough to support my family that I make with my current girlfriend Sonia Ponce, who I love a lot and who I spend most of my time with.

Fall 2006

Interesting Fact: I can pop my shoulder blade out of location in my back.

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Father Figure

Monday, June 18, 2007

When he was in 8th grade, Andrew came home to find an unfamiliar man on the front porch - his father. After a summer hanging out together at the batting cages and the park, his dad disappeared from his life again. Stories of absentee-fathers are all too familiar among Andrew's friends, and as he considers fatherhood in his future, Andrew wonders what he can learn from his own experience.