Alicia Martinez

I was born and raised in the forgotten borough, Staten Island. I'm 16 years old and love reading, writing, drawing, and sewing things together. If I'm not doing any of these things I'm probably sleeping. When I get older I'll probably go to college or join the army. I was born and raised in Port Richmond, Staten Island. I'm 100% Mexican. My neighborhood has mixed cultures and the streets are run by 20 or more stray cats.

Most people would think that I'm one of those people who loves to read about vampires, magic, and girls who have a secret crush on some childhood friend. But the truth is I don't read those kinds of books, except for Harry Potter, but that's a different story. I love reading books about death, wars, and real life tragic events. My favorite author of all time is Ellen Hopkins. Her books are so real, and when I grow up I want to write books just like she does. Another interesting fact about me is that I love school, and my favorite class is Math. Geometry is my best subject. I enjoy learning because knowledge is the most powerful weapon.

Recorder: Emily Alice
My recorder, Emily Alice, likes to listen and be polished. She always repeats what you say.

(Note: Each Rookie named his/her equipment as a way to feel more at ease with the technology.)

Alicia Martinez appears in the following:

Half My Family Is Illegal

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Half of Radio Rookie Alicia Martinez's family members are U.S. citizens, the other half are not. Her parents and older sister came to the U.S. illegally before she was born. Alicia knows – from her sister – how hard it is to grow up in the U.S. without legal papers, but she also finds it stressful to be the lucky one: the daughter with all the opportunities.  As one of three U.S. citizens in her family, Alicia has struggled to meet her parents' expectations and overcome the guilt she feels that her hardworking sister’s life is so limited.


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Schools On: Will Tensions Persist on Staten Island?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Aired September, 2010. The Staten Island Radio Rookies look into what motivates the bias attacks in their community. They wonder whether the beginning of school year will impact the tension in their neighborhood.

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