The Jazz Age Rise And Scandalous Fall Of The Santa Claus Association : Slideshow

Monday, December 24, 2012

John Gluck, founder of the Santa Claus Association.
Poor family of the 19-teens.
One of the tens of thousands of letters handled by The Santa Claus Association.
Volunteers sort the children's letters to Santa.
Volunteers in high-fashion hats.
Silent film stars Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford bringing publicity to the association.
President Harding sent Christmas wishes to the Association by telegram.
Even enterprising children, like this boy, raised money for Gluck's charity.
Cover of the 1916 Santa Claus Association yearbook, which shows a statue "made of the paper pulp of letters written to Santa Claus."
Rendering of the Midtown Manhattan headquarters of the Santa Claus Association that Gluck intended to build.
New York City Public Welfare Commissioner Bird Coler, the man who investigated Gluck and took him down.
The need Gluck sought to ameliorate was great.
Thank you letter.
John D. Gluck in his office at The Santa Claus Association's peak in the 1920's.


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