Man’s Best Friend Helps Soldiers in the Battlefield and at Home : Slideshow

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Caitlyn Kim/WNYC
John Wallace and his youngest son, Chris, take Tommy for a walk.
Caitlyn Kim/WNYC
The pooch, Tommy, Wallace says is symbolic of the dogs he took care of while in Afghanistan.
Courtesy of the Guardians of Rescue
Tommy's brother, Tony, was adopted by an Army solider named Sam, seen here with his son.
Courtesy of Guardians of Rescue
A solider plays with a group of pups during a break in Afghanistan.
Caitlyn Kim/WNYC
Meredith Festa picks up a cat named Buster and a dog named Zoe in July. They just finished the last leg of their travel from Afghanistan.
Caitlyn Kim/WNYC
Buster was one of two cats rescued in Afghanistan and sent to the U.S. with help from the Guardians of Rescue.
Caitlyn Kim/WNYC
Zoe gets out of her crate and gets a lot of attention in the parking lot of the cargo area of JFK airport.
Caitlyn Kim/WNYC
Zoe goes on a short run to stretch her legs with Guardians of Rescue volunteer Frank Floridia.
Caitlyn Kim/WNYC
Zoe gets some water and gets use to being out of her crate.
Courtesy of Guardians of Rescue/WNYC
Zoe is adopted by the father of a solider who adopted Zoe's litter mate, Lucky.


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