Youth Media Resources

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Shout Out! - A Kid's Guide to Recording Stories

Sound Portraits - Record Your Own Radio Documentary

Generation PRX
Generation PRX is a project of the Public Radio Exchange dedicated to supporting, connecting and distributing youth-produced radio.

Some Other Youth Media Organizations in New York City

DCTV (Downtown Community Television)
From its headquarters in a landmark firehouse in downtown New York City, DCTV serves individuals who could not otherwise afford a media arts education. DCTV's broadcast studio allows artists to broadcast work live over cable television and the Internet to millions of households and also runs various youth programs such as Pro- TV, and on-and off-site program that trains and provides mentorship in TV and internet arts for inner-city youth.

Educational Video Center
The Educational Video Center (EVC) is a media arts center that teaches documentary video production and media analysis to youth, educators and community organizers. Its signature program, the High School Documentary Workshop, helps youth develop research, interviewing, and writing skills, enabling them to produce in-depth documentaries focused around diverse social issues of concern to them. EVC's mission is dedicated to the creative and community-based use of video and multi-media as a means to develop the literacy, research, public speaking and work preparation skills of at-risk-youth.

Ghetto Film School
GFS is an award-winning independent film organization. Their Fellows Program is a 15-month, three stage preparation leading towards a career in filmmaking, including: "GhettoFilm 101: Laying the Foundation," "Industry101: Making the Connections" and "The Thesis Film: The Third Act," a three-month real world production demonstrating the mastery of skills, knowledge, and aesthetics of filmmaking, culminating in a high-quality competitive work.

Global Action Project
Global Action Project (G.A.P.) provides media arts and leadership training for thousands of young people living in underserved communities throughout the world. Their mission is to provide youth with the knowledge, tools, and relationships they need to create powerful, thought-provoking media on local and international issues that concern them, and to use their media as a catalyst for dialogue and social change.

Global Kids
Global Kids supports urban youth to become global citizens and community leaders, and they offer trainings (usually at schools) to help connect academic subjects to students' lives and current world events. Global Kids also offers training for youth in leadership development, conflict resolution, school change, respect for diversity, civic participation, voting, violence prevention, sexual harassment/appropriate behavior, global awareness, and other issues. Their Newz Crew Project(link to: aims to introduce youth to young people around the world who care about what's happening in the world. Newz Crew is open 24/7 during the school year and any youth from 14-19 can register - with just a four week commitment.

Harlem Live
HarlemLive is an award winning, critically acclaimed web magazine produced by teens from throughout New York City. It is a journalism, technology and leadership program that teaches students ages 13 to 21 how to run an online newspaper. The publication, "HarlemLive", includes news articles, investigative stories, opinion pieces, personal essays, poetry, photography and video documentaries. The students organize events, conduct workshops and sit on panels, increasing their networking and public speaking abilities.

Listen Up! Youth Media Network
This website and organization is a great resource for young video producers. Sign up and be part of a national network of youth making video, and get connected to resources, support and other projects.

MNN's Youth Channel
Manhattan Neighborhood Network's Youth Channel offers an opportunity for youth to make television/video media and decide what they broadcast. The Youth Channel strives to build confidence, establish role models, inform, educate, entertain, and empower youth to believe they are capable of creating change within their communities and the world. The Youth Channel is governed and programmed by youth who want to make a difference.

Media Rights
Have you made a film with a strong message? Media Rights wants to bring your message to audiences all over the country. Students are more than welcome and they offer a youth internet workshop on how to get your work out there!

Radio Rootz
Radio Rootz is a youth media training center, dedicated to teaching media literacy, media activism and empowering young people in marginalized communities to become media makers.

Reel Works
Reel Works teen filmmaking serves over 150 teens each year through five core programs: The Lab, The Master Class, Reel Impact, Reel Works Productions and the Summer Lab. Reel Works teens work with professional filmmaker mentors to create original films.

Scenerios USA
Scenarios USA asks teens to write about the issues that shape their lives for the annual "What's the REAL DEAL?" writing contest, and thousands have responded with their raw and revealing insights. The winning writers are partnered with some of Hollywood's finest filmmakers to transform their stories into award-winning short films. 15 million people a year watch the Scenarios USA films at film festivals, on television and in high schools nationwide.

Youth Communications
Youth Communications helps teenagers develop their reading, writing and thinking skills through training them in journalism and related skills, publishing magazines and books written and illustrated by young people, and encouraging teens and adults who work with them to use the publications to stimulate reading, writing, discussion and reflection. They publish books of young people's writings, and two magazines: New Youth Connections: a general interest magazine with a readership of 200,000 and Foster Care Youth United: a magazine written by and for young people in foster care.

Some Other Youth Media Organizations outside of New York City

911 Media Arts Center
911 Media's Young Producers Project (YPP) offers youth in the Seattle area a number of innovative media training programs in animation, filmmaking and digital media.

Appalachian Media Institute (AMI)
A community-based media arts and education center located in the coalfields of Central Appalachia.

Bay Area Video Coalition
The Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) provides a number of workshops, education tools and access to state-of-the art technical facilities to residents of the Bay Area.

Blunt Youth Radio
The Blunt/Youth Radio Project produces a weekly call-in public affairs radio show with teens in Portland, Maine.

outLoud Radio
OutLoud Radio is a Bay Area initiative that increases the well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer young people by helping them develop the skills and confidence to decide for themselves how they will be represented, advance social justice and make the most of their lives.

Plugged In
Through a variety of programs such as a youth-operated design firm and a creative arts and technology studio, Plugged In has created opportunities for community residents in East Palo Alto, California to produce, express and contribute using technology.

Radio Arte
Radio Arte, a youth initiative of the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum, is an educational radio station, and trains, motivates and encourages youth in the Pilsen/ Little Village neighborhood of Chicago to develop self-expression through the broadcast medium. It is the only bilingual (Spanish/ English), youth-operated, urban, community station in the country.

Southwest Youth Collaborative
Southwest Youth Collaborative (SWYC), a network of local youth and community development organizations on Chicago's Southwest side, provides leadership and creative arts programs for youth that help them become successful and actively contributing members of society.

Spy Hop Productions
Spy Hop Productions is a youth media and educational enrichment center in Salt Lake City, Utah. In their six-month Media Studio Youth Apprenticeship Program, apprentices work with professional mentors and educators to develop personal multimedia portfolios and to produce, design and develop affordable media works for local organizations.

Uniquely Spoken/Baltimore Youth Radio
Uniquely Spoken provides the East Baltimore community with radio training.

Youth Radio
Bay Area-based Youth Radio has reaches teenagers through free, after-school programs in radio, TV and video, and web production.

Youth Voices
The Youth Voices project teaches high school youth in Washington, D.C. how to create a radio feature about an issue that affects their lives and the larger community in which they live.

Other Resources

Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) aims to empower youth in underserved communities around the globe with real-world experiences and 21st century tools to communicate their ideas, exhibit their potential, and take action in their communities.

The National Federation of Community Broadcasters runs an annual youth in radio training project/conference and also otherwise supports the development of the youth radio field. Their manual Let a Thousand Voices Speak is designed to share information about many radio projects so that community radio stations, high schools, non-profit arts organizations and community groups can start and grow their own youth in radio programs.

Next Generation Radio is a series of one-week, student radio training projects co-sponsored by NPR and several journalist and media organizations.

The Open Society's Youth Media and Communication Initiative engages youth in creating media in order to encourage social consciousness, commitment to civic society, and critical thinking and communication skills. See list of their youth media grantees.

Time Warner supports high-quality, community-based after-school programs which give young people opportunities to create media such as documentaries, public service announcements, radio programs and newspapers, and utilize the products to address important social issues.