December 25, 2012 02:46:21 PM

Frank Algarin


This is No.1 in a series of two photos submitted. I mistakenly uploaded the No.2 first

This photo's story.: In Humacao, Puerto Rico During the night of the "Super Moon" May 5 2012 at twilight Two male cats with headlights stalk a coy out of frame female It was one of those unexpected moments I saw the cats perched There was something mysterious about it the cats were perfectly posed I whipped out my Iphone and shot My point of view from below and the glowing eyes gave it an other worldly and even ghostly quality The final result was a surprise The glowing eyes were the icing on the cake

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What great drama you've captured here! I normally eschew glowing eyes photos for obvious reasons, but agree that it actually works here, and to a really neat effect. Kudos & thanks for sharing. Reminiscent of the Sphinx in Egypt, and some paintings by Michael Parkes. Very cool.

Dec. 26 2012 12:28 PM

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