December 03, 2012 08:45:35 AM

I submitted this yesterday, but got no confirmation, so I am just making sure you got it...

René Treviño, Butterflies Encircling the Man in a Bowler Hat, 2012, acrylic on frosted Mylar, 11 x 11 in.

I was immediately drawn to the butterfly image. In a flash I thought it should become a wreath or frame of butterflies…then when I saw the cute gentleman in the bowler hat I knew what would be in the frame. I stretched/distorted the oval into a circle in Photoshop, and then my husband helped me create the circle of butterflies using a combination of Google Sketch Up and Photoshop. Once I had these elements that I had distorted and manipulated on the computer, I printed them out so that I could use them as references for my small 11 x 11 inch painting. This is a similar process to what I do for a lot of my artwork. I start with research, then photo manipulation, and then I use the manipulated (re-mixed) images to create my paintings. This painting is acrylic on frosted Mylar, and though it looks like a digital image (especially when you look at it on a computer) it is actually hand painted with tiny paintbrushes entirely by hand. The finish is matte, and since the frosted Mylar is transparent, I can paint on both sides. So in this image, the black is painted from the front, and the color is painted on the back. In spite of how tight the results often are, I love that my hand and my collected marks are in the finished results…it is a process that fuses digital and analog.



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