May 17, 2012 01:43:52 PM



Throughout NYC (and NJ) wherever the World Trade Center could once have been seen, place transparent plastic panes etched with the sklyline as viewed from that location, along with the outline of where the Twins once stood in that visual landscape.
Tourists are always asking "where were they?" and "how tall were they?" (they have no idea of the Towers' scale against the rest of the skyline), and New Yorkers already can't quite identify the WTC's actual location in our current skyline.
There are so many possible locations for these remembrance panels, including the Bklyn Hts Promenade, Bklyn Bridge Park, the lower West Side highway, Staten Island ferry terminal, Ellis Island, JFK airport, the George Washington Bridge, Liberty State Park and Hoboken in Jersey, etc., etc. The towers were an orientation point and an anchor that could be seen from so many places and from so far away.
Such a public art project would be a fitting commemoration to the skyline that so defined our city, and that hasn't been the same since Sept 11th.
I, for once, would like this to be considered an "actual pitch." I never realized we had a Public Art Fund with a Director, or I would have presented this idea to them long ago as something that would enhance our NYC landscape--I've seen these panels in my heart and mind for years.

On the Brian Lehrer Show we're talking about public art, and we want to know what public art project you'd propose. Make it simple, make it over-the-top. Make it realistic, or completely impossible! Note: These aren't actual pitches, just a way to share our ideas.