May 17, 2012 11:53:55 AM

diane allison


I want to walk in history. In places where famous or forgotten events in NYC history happened, I'd love to see large reflective surfaces, clear glass or mirror,covered with life-size photos or images of that moment. Behind it all we'd glimpse what people wore, what the children were playing, the store signs and displays, the streetcars, carriages, carts, and as we walk by we see ourselves reflected in that past moment. I really don't want to relive the terrible fires and tragedies. I'd go for the whimsical moments before events --One approach might be with people of the past -- Stuyvesent wiping his brow, Washington talking to friends, Teddy Roosevelt on the dock, returning from Cuba, Laguardia greeting people on his way to city hall. Spark an intrigue with history.

On the Brian Lehrer Show we're talking about public art, and we want to know what public art project you'd propose. Make it simple, make it over-the-top. Make it realistic, or completely impossible! Note: These aren't actual pitches, just a way to share our ideas.