May 17, 2012 11:35:33 AM

daniela bertol


Explanation Point!

!Explanation Point! is a whimsical self-illuminated functional sculpture. Powered by solar panels, it serves as lighting and as information point.
While its top is wide enough to contain a solar panel, it narrows at its base, creating a slightly off-balance appearance. It is wrapped in a translucent skin which transmits the LED lighting from within. The fabric skin can also serve as a projection screen onto which information imagery can be projected or printed -- itself could be part of a moving LED sign.
Support for the structure is provided by a vertical steel member welded to a large flat steel plate which sits on top of the concrete sidewalk – no foundation is required.
!Explanation Point can be sited at different street locations; one of the most appropriate for its orientation is the Hudson River Waterfront.


Hudson River waterfront

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