May 07, 2012 09:29:02 AM

Matt Roberson


You ask two different questions, which have two answers. Is war inevitable? No, I don't think so. In every relationship, no matter the complexity, there are many ways to solve a dispute. Violent action is only one of these. However, as to whether we will ever stop fighting wars, I also say no. This saddens me, as I have two little kids, and I'd love to think that the world has figured out how to develop without killing. The truth it, however, we haven't. And the economic bonding and expansion that's taken place over the last few decades has only increased the likelihood of war, because our interests have expanded as well. Isolation may be debated, but it's also impossible, at least for countries like ours. And even if the largest nations develop tools for solving crises without bullets, smaller nations will also see military power as a sure fire way into the conversation. And why wouldn't they? Poorer countries are treated like charity cases, at best, until we become afraid of them. And sadly, this military build up almost always comes at the expense of their own people.

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