April 08, 2012 08:14:22 PM



At first I thought, it is a Boz. They are putting us on, they know what they have. And then everyone said it. Emails. Articles. The guy from the Modern and the guy from the Met said without a doubt. And then it turns out the two guys that purchased it for a buck did not know. Seems impossible, I know. The part that moves, the screw, the pencil mark no less. Built, shaped, created by Boz'n Smit himself. It will probably go on auction and everyone knows who will buy it. And what will the price be this time? And what will the two guys do with the money or were there two guys involved in the purchase? Like art people say, "A Boz is a beautiful object with a lot of stories attached". And what did happen to Boz'n Smit? How can someone so well known just disappear? Anyway, you know, you look at it and you know.

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