April 06, 2012 05:50:18 PM

Karmic Kluster


As human beings, we intuitively know that there is a powerful source from which all things are created. The "new" Peace sign is not really new at all but a powerful symbol that can change the world for the good of all.

Three circles interlaced depicting sacred geometry; the power of the universe. It symbolizes a beginning a middle and end. Thought, word and deed and all of creation that is perfect, whole and complete.

Peace lies within our Mind, Body and Soul and no longer reflects the war and nuclear disarmament of the late 50's and 60's but rather a Peace that bridges the heart, mind and spirit of every living species.

A call this Peace symbol a Karmic Kluster
A World Peace Treat; Whole Perfect and Complete.

The photo attached is a necklace in three dimensions.

Hope you like it.