April 01, 2012 10:21:44 PM

Neeraj Kumar


####Saw you at the corner of College and Allen two Thursdays ago just a few minutes after five. You were walking north towards campus and I was going south towards McLanahan's for cigarettes.

####You: Straight brown bangs and black glasses, a navy-blue dress and red backpack. You carried a faded Marlboro thermos, white top, red bottom, and our eyes met dead center of the crosswalk.

###Me: Black hair, skinny jeans, left knee torn, and a gray sweater that I only wore because my wash was going, I promise. Tattoo on the back of my left hand was an Eliot quote. Prufrock, to be exact. I was smoking a cigarette.

### Not sure if you smiled or I imagined it, but get in touch. Would like to see you again.
###And if not, that's fine. I'll buy the thermos off of you though, if you're willing to sell. Five bucks is all I've got.

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