March 29, 2012 05:02:08 PM

Tsipi Ben-Haim


This design is the logo for CITYarts' Pieces for Peace project, which aims to build bridges of cultural understanding between youth in the United States and their peers around the world.

The project consists of art education workshops that connect youth worldwide through the creative process. The workshop participants, ranging from 10 to 20 years old, are asked to create 6x6 inch artworks in the form of paintings, poems, drawings and collages to communicate their thoughts and dreams for peace. Under the direction of artists and/or teachers, workshops take place in schools all around the world. So far, we’ve received over 4,500 artworks from almost 100 schools in 65 different countries, each becoming a “piece” in our online mosaic puzzle. We believe that art and the ideas of youth can create change, and in the case of this specific project, add to the movement for peace. The artworks can be seen on our website gallery at:

We hope that by asking children to visualize their dreams of peace through the creative process, we can empower them to become active participants in changing the future.

As you discuss peace in your End of War series, I would love to share with your listeners CITYarts' efforts to engage children around the world imagining a peaceful future.