March 28, 2012 08:52:40 PM



Yes, war is inevitable. Major U.S. corporations depend on war for income. Male U.S. politicians view war as a way to prove their machismo which caters to their constituents. U.S. businessmen want war to enhance their fortunes. The NEWS media needs war to enhance their newscasts and sell more advertizing. NEWS personalities love war because it is exctiing and is an activity that creates many stories that draw an audience.

Yes, war is good for business.


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Herman, war is not what it used to be. Compare WWII with the Afghanistan War. With WWII men fought on land and had to progress through opposing battle lines. Today, war is fought through computer consoles much like playing video games except the killings are real. What is heroic or exciting about programing a target's gps coordinates and then pressing a red button to kill your enemy without ever having to get off one's seat?

Apr. 28 2012 09:57 AM

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