March 19, 2012 09:11:11 AM

Aaron Schwartz


I believe war is inevitable. In the same way that a lion will kill another lion to defend his territory, humans make war. Now albeit the structure of civilization creates many complications that one would not see in the wild, but I believe the natural state of humans beings is to fight each other. Phenomena such as organized sports can be looked at as projections of our desire for war, and for our desire to be part of a 'tribe.' Also it is known that humans in tribes naturally look for an enemy, someone who we can call 'bad,' and thus make ourselves 'good.' Psychologist Sam Keen made a documentary on this exact phenomena, "Faces of the Enemy," and it might be interesting to discuss it on the show for you guys. So yes, I believe war is inevitable, and as good a 'world peace' sounds, it it a utopian and an idealistic denial of the truth.

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