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Unfortunately, I say no. Many are the good-natured of us who wish no more than to be at peace and happy in our day to day activities. But we live alongside those who wish for more and more, and who grasp for power. Even we ourselves cling to our material possessions, the development of which causes hardship around the world. Would we give up our many pleasures if it meant that all in the world could live more equally? I don't think so. If we are pushed out of our comfort zone and if we are forced to be concerned about the areas of the world in which there is conflict, war might end. Now, not enough people care.

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Per Jeremy Scahill: a Democracy Now! Correspondent and an investigative reporter for The Nation magazine. Author of the book "Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army") This is paraphrasing as he testified to Congress: This system, the Privatization of War has both encouraged and enabled the growth and creation of companies who benefit and stand to gain even more from an escalation of the war. If the Contractors are in it for the profits, what is the incentive for retreat, let alone Peace? This war contracting system has intimately linked corporate profit to an escalation of war and conflict. These companies have no incentive to decrease their footprint in a war zone and every incentive to increase it.

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