March 14, 2012 12:10:54 PM

Levent Tuncer


War will happen. Middle East still has not resolved what was done to it after the first World War. They will; through war. Africa has been fighting non-stop for a long time. They will keep doing so.
Before we get rid off war, we must get rid of what feeds it. As long of we have so called "God" and religion, and men have major power ,and find meaning in brutal expression of it, humans waiting to go to haven, and while waiting, using earth's resources thoughtlessly,(just wait and see, what will happen about water!)wisdom against war, will remain comical. We are about a 1000 years away for this wisdom to be taken seriously. If ever. Today, in NYC. or anywhere on earth, nothing gets done, without brutal expression of power. For good or bad. From here and now, I cannot see humans, without culture of war. Very sad but it is what it is.

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