March 14, 2012 12:03:45 PM

Eric Medsker


A resounding yes, it is inevitable. For two main reason, religion still exists and isn't going anywhere. With 99% of the worlds population believing in the end of times or a second coming we will continue to hurl ourselves towards barbarity and perpetuate our unsustainable presence on this world. The second reason is that lack of resources are only going to get worse in the times to come, which will fuel confrontation. As more of the worlds economies bring people out of poverty and provide better wages/living standards more productivity, consumer goods, and energy will need to be provided. The western model is not sustainable, and increasingly so as the world continues to warm, so the planet will not be able to support our growth. The western model will not change because it's too profitable, so it will be exported to growing economies, as we've seen, in the form of Starbucks, McDonald's, Walmart, BP, ect. in India, China, and other places. If we can't live with sustainability it will lead to scarcity of resources which will lead to War/Destruction. The way I see it, we're only going to have more war not less as the decades progress.
I think of myself as a skeptical optimist in life but can't help but feel like life is a spark, not a flame, occurring all over the universe. And that our and other lifeforms that are coupled with consciousness can never be sustained. They flicker in and out of existence.

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